13 Handmade Tiny Houses

If you are into tiny home design, these 13 Handmade Tiny Houses will be an inspiration to you. There are so many adorable tiny houses that people are designing and building all around the world. Tiny houses are a wonderful option for people who want and easy and affordable way to own a home of their very own. Where a normal sized home might be out of the question for many people in this day and age because of the state of our economy, a tiny house gives people a solution to the issue of housing. No matter where you look these days, and especially in cities, homes are proving to be insanely expensive. The average home price in a Canadian city like Vancouver is around a million dollars at present which is simply unattainable for most people. Even purchasing a condo or an apartment costs around $300,000 these days. So for people who want to be more independent, tiny house building is a really great option. This way, people are able to have some say in the design and the size, and even the budget. For example, an average sized tiny house on wheels that is 24 feet long, could cost as little as $20,000 if used and thrifted materials are implemented, or $50,000 for a prebuilt tiny house on wheels. This is a fraction of the cost of purchasing an average sized house, which would leave you with minimal to no debt and have you owning your home in no time.

People considering tiny house building as their next place to live, might be overwhelmed with all there is to consider when planning how to build a tiny house. That is why tiny home design is so important, as well as knowing exactly what you want in a tiny house. The planning can take a lot longer than people think it will, but this is a crucial step in making sure that everything fits within the small space well. There are tiny house plans online that you can get inspiration from and you can even buy tiny house designs and plans online if you want to make it really easy on yourself.

These 13 Handmade Tiny Houses from Instructables are a great place to gain inspiration an information from. Each of the tiny house instructables has the plans and the details on how to make the tiny houses from scratch. So if you want to know how to build a tiny house you don’t have to look much further than the internet, which is fabulous. One of the tiny house designs is the Hut On Wheels, which was built by an instructables user named Wulbert. Wulbert shares photos and details on how he built his own tiny hut on wheels so that you can build a tiny hut on wheels of your very own. He said that the project cost him around 4,500 British Pounds to build himself and 500 hours of labor which he did himself. He really enjoyed his tiny house building process and treated it as a fun project. There are also other tiny houses on wheels that you can explore how to build, as well as learning how to build a yurt too. The instructables teach you how to build a traditional Mongolian yurt which looks so comfortable and cozy. Yurts are another tiny house option that people build when they want to build a small house. So have a look through all of these awesome tiny house building instructables and see which one you could see yourself building and living in. There is so much great tiny house building information on the internet and the amount of information just keeps growing daily.*