A Darling $5,500 Backyard Cottage That You Can Build on Your Own

A backyard is an oasis to enjoy the outdoors while being in your own little private world. This beautiful Sunshed 12 Ft. W x 12 Ft. D Wood Garden Shed would be worth looking into if you would like to add a little extra something so you can enjoy your property more. For just under $5, 500, this darling little backyard cottage could be yours, and you could even set it up in no time on your own, with some help from another person. Wayfair company sells a variety of outdoor and indoor items, including backyard sheds like the Sunshed you see here, as well as home decor, lighting, linens and towels, storage, home improvement items, as well as kid’s playhouses that are very good quality like this backyard shed.

Built all out of natural wood materials, the little garden shed package comes with everything needed to build it. All of the red cedar are already attached to the roof panels, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about the tedious shingling work. All of the sides of the home come in wooden panels that have been prebuilt in a workshop, so much of the work has already been done for the customer. All that needs to be done is assemble the pieces in accordance to where they go. This cute little shed has plenty of little windows throughout, which adds a lot of light and makes it feel larger than it is, and it comes with all of these windows, that are ready to be installed by the customer. There is a great see through portion of the roof as well, to let in even more light, which is why it is called the sun shed.

Another wonderful feature is that this prefabricated shed kit comes with seven flower boxes just like you see in the photo of the little wooden shed. This looks so beautiful in the summer time with some bright flowers planted in them, and maybe some herbs to use in cooking and salads. All of the wood used to make the shed is one hundred percent western red cedar, which is one of the leading types of wood to use in building projects, because of its pure structure and quality. This type of wood can last years of use and look just as great as it ages. The wood they include in the kits is also insect repelled, so you don’t have to worry about infestations happening to your shed.

The floor is included, as well as the Dutch style door, which is a great feature to have and to be included in the overall price of the wooden prefabricated unit. This price is for the shell of the building and doesn’t include the interior finishes like drywall or insulation. You would also have to outfit it with electricity and plumbing if necessary, but all of this can be done by a hired professional unless you have the skill and know-how. There are additional options that you can choose from on the Wayfair website before ordering as well, such as a ramp to make it wheelchair or stroller accessible. The Sunshed might just be the perfect addition to your back yard, giving you extra storage, office or studio space. Perhaps even a guest bedroom for visitors or just a little back yard hang out spot. There are many more design options on the Wayfair website, such as some pretty pink ones for kids to use as a play house, they have very ornate detailing on them and look like little pink Victorian houses. Check out this Sunshed design and more on the Wayfair website and get in on the sales they are having right now!