See how grandparents turn an old streetcar into a glorious tiny home: The ceilings are to die for

When Mary and Gerhard Ringel first moved into this converted streetcar home, they described it as “run-down.” With a little elbow grease and a lot of creativity, they were able to bring it back to life and make it more vivacious than ever before. This Santa Cruz, Calif., home still retains its beachy bohemian charm, but does so with irrepressible joy coming from every lovingly-crafted detail.According to Houzz, this home is composed of two retired streetcars from the early 1900s that are side-by-side, measuring 750 square feet in total. The streetcar closest to the curb houses the living and dining rooms, while the second contains the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the house is its energizing color palette. Each hue is unapologetically vibrant, yet they complement each other rather than compete for the spotlight.

HOUZZTVYou can tell from the curved roof that this living room is in a decommissioned streetcar, but otherwise it feels completely homey and surprisingly spacious.

HOUZZTVThe show-stopping ceiling is handmade faux-stained glass, thanks to some acrylic panels and clever usage of LED lights.

HOUZZTVThe dining room is at the opposite end of the car, and the stained-glass detailing extends the entire length.

HOUZZTVHere is the cozy dining room, complete with its punchy pink accent wall.

HOUZZTVThis daybed is practically begging you to take a nap.

HOUZTVThe kitchen’s zesty lime-green painted accents match flawlessly with the funky multicolored tile on the floor and countertops.

HOUZZTVIf you look at the ceiling, you can see where the Ringels built an addition for a little extra space.


HOUZZTVThe door leading to the bathroom belongs to the original streetcar and even makes a charming rumbling noise when opened. 

HOUZZTVWe’re obsessed with that claw-foot tub and the quirky tiled floor.

HOUZZTVSee that heart? Proof that this home loves its owners as much as they love it.


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