$45,550 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Montana Log Home

An affordable, practical log home building package can be found through Coventry Log Homes. The $80,400 Montana log home has some remarkable character with large rooms and a great layout. For the price of $80,400 for a complete package, all of the materials needed to build a log house are included and delivered to the building site. So what exactly is included in the log home kits from Coventry Log Homes? They include the floor system, both exterior and interior walls, interior and exterior doors, all of the windows, the stairs, decking and the roof system as well. The items that are not included in the log home building kits are things like paint or stain for the logs, the clear coat to seal the logs, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, sinks, toilets, shower, bathtubs, and the appliances. Furniture is also something that the customer purchases separately.

But if you were to compare the cost and the contents of other log home building packages to the ones from Coventry Log Homes, you might find that Coventry offers more in their complete kits than other companies. Other places don’t offer interior walls and doors, just the materials to build the framing for the walls. Some don’t offer windows, which is another expense that would have to be added on. So overall, Coventry Log Homes seems to have a great package.

The Montana log home model is a great log home building kit for people who are just starting out, or who want a really nice home that can fit their budget. It has three lovely large bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The master bedroom has it’s own private bathroom, and the two other bathrooms are on the main floor as well. A great idea would be to have one of the bathrooms on the upper level, which could be changed in the design phase of the log home building process. The log house has a great living area, with a separate kitchen and living room area. The living room is quite large, and could have a fire place built into it. You can see the two upper bedrooms are built as dormers on the roof of the house, and they have angled ceilings on the interior. The deck on the front of the home would be a great place to sit out and enjoy nature, and could be built out eventually to be larger as well. This would make a lovely smaller sized home, or a cabin to use for recreational purposes for holidays and gatherings.

All of the log home kits from Coventry Log Homes are made with the finest, high quality logs. The logs they used have been sustainably farmed, meaning they are not coming from ancient forests, but from a controlled environment where trees are grown specifically for their use as materials. Most of the wood that is produced comes from trees like pine, spruce, fir and cedar, cedar being one of the most sought after types of wood. Coventry Log Homes uses cedar wood in their log home kits on request, as it does cost quite a bit more to get in. Most of the cedar trees in the United States come from the west coast, so it can be expensive to ship them out from there to another location. No matter what type of wood goes into making a log home building kit, it will be beautiful and durable lasting decades. Enjoy having a look at all of the lovely log home plans and models on the Coventry Log Homes website, see which one you like the most.***

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