$43,750 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Oak Ridge Log Home

If you love log houses, have a peek at the $85,550 Beautiful Oak Ridge Log Home with 3 bedrooms and loft to enjoy sunlight. This log home would be a joy to own live in and enjoy for years and years. Log houses are some of the most desirable houses in the world. For hundreds of years people have been using logs for building structures like houses, cabins, barns, churches, schools and many other places. One of the things that may deter people from purchasing a log house, is that they are under the impression that they can be very expensive. Which they can be depending on the company building or distributing them.

The materials for log home building can be pricy, as well as the building process for labour. Of course, people want good quality too, which you have to pay for, and there is some worry when it comes to deals that are too good to be true. You want to ensure that all of the materials in a log home kit you are purchasing are high quality and sustainably sourced.

Back in the day, people could just go and chop down any set of trees to use for building materials. But now, with the rise in the demand of these beautiful building materials, there needs to be regulations and restrictions on how many trees are used and where they are taken from. These days, the majority of lumber used in log home building comes from sustainable tree plantations where everything is closely monitored. These plantations adhere to specific guidelines to keep the use of these trees mindful, as well as to keep people from using trees from ancient forests, so as not to waste any of our precious natural resources. Trees are grown in the plantation, then cut when they are ready to be harvested. The logs are processed in a mill, and then they are brought into the log home building company for the skilled craftsmen to handcraft into the the interlocking pieces that make a log house. With a company like Coventry Log Homes, the materials will be labeled so they fit together perfectly when it comes time to assemble the log home kits.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into these log home kits like the Oak Ridge log home kit. So this is why they come at a higher price than any conventional, stick frame, dry wall house. One thing is for sure about log houses, it’s always worth the money invested. The finished product looks fabulous, with all of the natural logs and beautiful finishes. Plus, log houses are healthier overall to live in when compared to living in a home that’s made out of man made materials. The air inside a log house is cleaner and allergen free because logs are able to naturally filter out any toxins or allergens in the air. These homes have also been shown to lower stress and anxiety in the inhabitants, because humans tend to be happier when connected with natural things. Logs are also seen as a great home building material because they are so durable, able to withstand heavy winds, rains and snows. Some log homes have endured through hurricanes and earthquakes. The Oak Ridge would be a beautiful, simple log house to live in. A simple, practical layout with three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a great big patio to enjoy time outside, perhaps even put a hot tub on. This log house model, from the Tradesman Series of log home kits from Coventry would suit any family just beautifully and would last throughout the years.***