3 Genius Park Model Tiny Home Floor Plan Ideas

Dreaming of a home away from home? Too big to go tiny? Then you might want to consider living in a park model cabin for a few months of the year. Based on the traditional mobile home, park model RVs are the latest, hottest trend in the tiny house movement. They’re basically made for tiny house dreamers who aren’t ready to live in a tiny home all-year round, as well as a lot of other nomadic-types, off-gridders, and eager downsizers.

Park model homes are single structures and tend to be shorter and slightly narrower than your typical mobile home. Most of them consist of one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and kitchen/dining area. Occasionally, you’ll find a sleeping loft above for overnight guests, kids or a grandchild. What’s the reason for park model cabins recent popularity? Well, they are relatively affordable compared to purchasing a cottage or cabin or vacation home, and because they are considered recreational vehicles rather than real estate, they are much easier to receive financing for. When you think of how difficult it can be to take out a mortgage these days, not to mention pay it back, you can see how tempting a situation like this can be. Because they are substantially smaller than the typical mobile home, they’re a lot easier to maintain and clean. Another bonus is not having to pay property tax for your park model cabin – again, because it’s considered to be a recreational vehicle. This, of course, is only if your mobile cabin is less than 540 square feet, but you can always add an exterior deck or patio without any penalty. And obviously, park model RVs are also mobile, so you can move them wherever you want, whenever you wish. Although they’re specifically designed to plant in one spot for an extended period of time, you will always have the option of relocating if need be. It’s always nice to know you have a back-up plan. With their creature comforts, appliances, and elegance, park model cabins are rapidly transforming our old worn-out notions of what it’s like to live in a trailer.

Park model RVs are not only popular with the young crowd these days; they are also very popular with the retirement squad as well. They offer a small, compact, yet comfortable, space that’s easy to get around in and care for – and, they can provide anyone with an inexpensive way of life. Park model cabins also have a great appeal to luxury campers who are using park model cabins as their second home. They can be bought or rented, depending on what people’s requirements are, offering an attractive alternative to hotel rooms, basic camping cabins, and the classic motor home. For those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, these mobile cabins also make the ultimate guest houses and overnight rentals, providing you with a potentially-lucrative hospitality business. In the camping context, campers can look forward to electricity, running water, and indoor toilets at a rented park model cabin, while not having to all-out purchase a mobile home of their own.

Finally, park model cabins make a fine transitionary home for anyone wanting to try their hand at the tiny house lifestyle without having to commit to it one hundred percent. It’s a way of dipping your big toe in the water, so to speak, to see if you have a feel for it. As many have learned the hard way, tiny house living is simply not for everyone. Living in a park model RV for part of the year, however, could very well be.