Impressive Log Cabin Designed to Meet People’s Need at Very Low Price

Enjoying vacationing is made so much easier by owning an RV or camper, but it’s made even easier by owning a park model. You may know of park models and probably have seen them in your own neighborhood in an RV lot or campsite. Park models are also not to be confused with modular housing though as park models are intended more for recreational use and not as permanent residences. Modular homes can be lived in as a full-time residence because they pass the requirements for the HUD – the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The HUD requires people to have a home that is more than 500 square feet to live in as a permanent residence, while park model homes are usually only 400 square feet. In Canada, however, there are some park models that are 500 square feet and more, but similar rules still apply for most urban areas. The two types of housing do look very similar, but they are made for different purposes. The modular homes can be parked in a modular home community while park models are supposed to be parked in RV lots. Many people purchase a park model to use as a summer vacation house since purchasing cabins can get pretty expensive. A prefab park model is priced at $20,000 to start which is very affordable and approachable.