$15 per Square Foot for This Wonderful Log Home Kit, That’s Pretty Affordable!

This lovely two-floor prefab wooden and plastic design is an affordable option when looking for new homes. This is one of the greenest and environmentally friendly homes you will find. The good news is that prefab homes are an affordable way to go when looking for home designs with prices for this prefab ranging from $140 to $350 US per square meter. This prefab design has two floors of living space in an appealing design with a wooden covered lower patio, upper deck and uncovered lower deck. This prefab home uses quality Russian Pine for the wood walls, floors, roof trusses, and roof cladding. This prefab home is built in China with fiberglass roofing tiles and can be used for full-time living, an office or villa the choice is yours. Prefab and modular home designs are more popular than ever before, with more options to choose from to suit any needs and preferences. Prefab designs can be customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. Before going out and purchasing a prefab design, you will want first to do your research with the company you are going with, that way you can see what options they offer and all that is included in each prefab home kit.

There is an exciting trend that has been happening in the prefab home industry. There are some prefab companies that use recycled plastic trash to build new homes. Some homes can use up to 18 tons of recycled plastic trash that would have been destined for land fills. 18 tons equals about 9,000 old televisions or 7,200 desk top computers. And the good news is that this recycle plastic is almost four times as strong as concrete and insulates the prefab house twice as well, so house owners can cut their heating bills in half. These homes are fire, storm and wind proof and, being made of plastic are naturally waterproof. All sorts of plastic are used and recycled, whether it be old patio chairs and tables, building fixtures, and fittings and more are ground down into small granules that are then fused together in a chemical reaction to make a Thermo Poly Rock (TPR). The homes are estimated to last more than 60 years and after that they are recyclable. This is an exciting time in prefab home designs, with new building materials and products being developed all the time. These prefabricated houses also help the environment, and it is nice to make use of all the waste that goes into landfill. And with green living being at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s good to know that prefab homes are considered an environmentally friendly home that is also energy efficient. Whether you are in need of a vacation home to spend weekends and holidays away or want a home for full-time living, there is something to suit most anyone.

Prefab homes are a great option if you are looking to build a new home of your own. This prefab design is just one of the prefabs you will find on the “Alibaba” site. On this prefab designs site, you will find all sorts of prefabs, in a variety of styles and sizes from big to small. You will find suppliers of prefab homes from around the world depending on the sort of prefab design you want. There are prefab designs with and without covered decks like this home, along with a variety of prefab designs, styles, floor plans, and sizes. With all sorts of prefab designs from garden sheds, guest cottages, Craftsman, log cabins, timber frame designs and so much more, there is something to suit most any budget, lifestyle, and preference. **