Awe-Inspiring! Old Chevy Short Bus Turned Into Stylish Tiny Home On Wheels

Are you always excited to see the latest unique homes that people build? It just shows that there are really so many possibilities for what you can build and create. Whether it be small homes, tiny cabins, campers, tiny apartments or regular homes, it’s always so interesting to see how other people design and style their homes. One of the most interesting design trends today is the trend of transforming old campers, vans or busses into cute living quarters or mobile travel campers. These DIYers show us what a little body work and paint can do for these once forgotten vehicles. This particular renovation was done by Will Winkelman of Winkelman Architecture and saw a 1959 Chevy short bus turned into a beautiful vacation home on wheels. The finished design is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Just load up a couple of kayaks or canoes, and hit the road for some fun.

He took a brown 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus and gutted it to reveal it’s bare interior which he created designs for by sketching them out by hand first. He designed the mobile camper to safely carry up to 12 passengers and the driver on the road and then convert into a space to sleep at night. It can only sleep two people comfortably though so it’s ideal for a couple or a small family with young kids who can sleep out in a tent. The bench seating he created is great for lounging on during the day, and then they convert into either two single beds or can be joined together to create a queen bed. He even added in a toilet and a sink for the bathroom and 120-volt power.

He painted the exterior of the bus a neutral green colour which blends in with its natural surroundings. Then, on the interior, he added a lot of rich colour and vibrancy with fabrics and accessories. The flooring is all wood, and he also added some nice wood touches here and there as well. He added a desk and a dining table for two different spaces to work or create and eat. The walls were all painted white with wood trim for a bright look that adds a lot of light to the space. OF course, the bus had plenty of windows already, so he kept those and just added curtains over top of them for privacy and to block the light as needed.

If refinishing an old bus or camper is something you might be considering there are plenty of inspiring designs you can draw ideas from. You will most likely have to add in the plumbing, power, beds, seats and interior floors and walls but that is just part of the fun. Of course, not everyone feels creative enough to take on projects like this, and that is where sometimes a little help is needed, but with that said there are plenty of people that can help you achieve your dream.

Imagine new pine floors, freshly painted walls, cooking on your new propane stove top, beautiful fabrics and prints throughout to go on your summer adventures with, wherever your heart desires — the thought of waking up beside your lakeside or mountain view spot, in first-class accommodations on wheels. With a camper or small bus, the number of places and scenery you can enjoy are endless, along with the adventures you can share with both family and friends.