$18,000 Magnifinicient Log House That Can Suit to Anyone’s Needs

This professional wooden log house with a CE Certificate is only $140 – $350 USD per square meter. A beautiful log home kit like this one would be the perfect way to build a comfortable family home to live in for years and even pass on to future generations. People have been building homes and structures out of logs for centuries, back in ancient Roman times, logs were used to build homes for multiple families to live in since the population was growing at such a fast pace. Once people realize how valuable logs really are and what awesome building supplies they make, people started building more things out of wood from trees. Although the wood cabin is a classic American icon, log cabins and homes had been built long before people started immigrating to North America from Europe. The first colony to have log housing in the Americas was a Swedish colony. Those people then taught other immigrants how to build their own log housing. So very quickly log housing became the normal housing that people chose to build as their first homes to live in and work out of. They provided the settlers with shelter and warmth and a sense of belonging in a new world.

These manufactured log homes make it easier than ever to build a brand new wood home. All of the houses like this beautiful blue home from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company are created from high quality Russian Pine wood, which is one of the best types of wood along with cedar, which is a highly desirable type of wood that is used in building projects. Spruce is another type of soft wood that is used for building projects, soft wood is used over hard wood for building materials since it is easier to manipulate and to shape into the perfect form to create the walls of the log houses. The hard woods are woods like oak and maple and they are used for hard wood flooring and furniture sometimes as well since they are able to take a lot of traffic and use. As you can see, once the log home kits are assembled, they can be painted or stained to the colour of your preference. This particular rendered image of the prefab log home model shows the house in a light blue with a red roof, white trim and deck railings. The home looks like a very traditional style Victorian era style of a house. The lovely large deck is a great addition to the home, and would be included in the log home kits offered by the company.

Manufactured log homes are a great way to get the home you want at an affordable price. You can also make sure that your house is built in a timely manor as many of the prefab log home kits can be assembled easily by one or two people. Handcrafted log houses take longer to build because they have to contend with the elements, whereas prefab builders are able to construct the building indoors in their factory and then package up the prefab kit to be shipped out to the customer’s property. Make sure that you have a really good idea of what your log home plan will look like before you start looking and that will make things much easier to plan out. Sometimes the planning and deciding phase is the phase that can take the longest, but don’t rush yourself as you want to be sure that this house you are investing in is exactly what you want and need. Check out more of the great prefab home kit options from Alibaba distributors.***