You can order HonoMobo’s prefab shipping container homes online

Order prefab homes online

It’s been a trend for many decades for home buyers to sacrifice a lot in order to buy a new home. The cost of new houses is so high that people need to acquire big loans or work very hard in order to obtain a one. While this was the case to a lesser degree in previous decades, too, it has reached levels that are causing serious issues in peoples lives nowadays.

Great thanks to shipping container home builders. One can now buy a house that is affordable and sustainable. It may be small but it is a good start for young couples and a family of 3 – 4.

HonoMobo is a Canadian company that provides an all-inclusive collection of flexible, multi-purpose living units out of reused shipping containers. These homes can be a lovely tiny dwelling for starters and small families. These houses can also be an added structure for those who have regular houses.

These cute shipping containers can be used as a courtyard lodge for relaxation, a holiday hideaway or these units can be put together to fashion studios for family activities.

Prospects can actually contact the builder online. Buying one online makes it so easy and convenient.

HonoMobo offers various home layouts and sizes. A 352 square feet HO2 shipping container home has an open plan concept with a full bathroom and purposeful kitchen. For home buyers who want a large size, they can opt for the HO4. It measures 640 square feet. It has two bedrooms that can accommodate more residents.

Residents are also assured that every unit is a photovoltaic-ready and includes an air source heat pump and air source hot water tank. Green technology is simply a principle set by the builder. Hence, environment-lovers are guaranteed to love these tiny homes.

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