Welcome to this beautiful shipping container home by Coastal Pods

Ready to book your next vacation? You may want to skip the 5-star hotels and look for a shipping container instead! When most people picture shipping containers, they probably imagine dirty, dark, metal containers that smell faintly (or not so faintly) of sea water. What most people don’t picture is luxury … but these shipping containers may change your mind.
Coastal Pods has converted these otherwise innocuous metal containers into stunning accommodations you won’t believe!

The glass doors provide stunning views of a nearby port and offer extra lighting for the interior.  In addition to offering a bright living space, these converted shipping containers are fitted for accessibility and include wheelchair access via

Each pod fits an open-space sitting area and kitchen. With seating for six, your entire family can play chat while dinner is being prepped. The stunning decor in this refurbished shipping container makes it easy to forget that you’re not sitting in a traditional luxury hotel.
If the large seating area and full-sized kitchen (including an oven, stove, full-sized refrigerator and microwave) aren’t enough, one push of a button lets you adjust the atrium windows for a little extra breeze.
The master bedroom may be something to write home about. The king-sized bed and private deck area scream luxury and relaxation. There’s also a second bedroom equipped with a king-sized bed as well.

We’re not sure about you, but this wet-area shower looks pretty cozy. When you’re finished with your shower, you can dry off with a heated towel!
“A guest-favorite” includes this cozy reading nook that includes a comfy place to curl up with one of the books stocked on the built-in bookshelf.
A second bathroom makes it easier for all guests to get ready in the morning. Each pod also includes a washer and dryer, DVD player and DVD library, games, books, an outdoor fire pit and complimentary coffee.
If you want to enjoy a stay at this unique vacation getaway, you’ll have to head to England. But, hey, you can always check out the sites  including the nearby historic town of Stanley, while you’re there … or you could just curl up with a book and enjoy the view.