This Super Amazing Little Log Cabin Has A High Cathedral Ceilings Create An Open Feel !

The Adirondack wood cabin makes a great weekend retreat or fishing cabin. With high cathedral ceilings that create an open feel in the great room, and a ceiling fan that helps to keep the heating and cooling of the wood cabin more efficient. The Adirondack cabin building has two loft areas over the rooms in the back of the wood cabin and over the porch in the front. The lofts help to give you extra storage or more sleeping space. Both of the lofts in the Adirondack cabin building are accessible by ladders. You will want to take a look at the Cozy Cabins LLC site for the full list of cabin buildings, log houses and wood cabins. All of the log houses and recreational cabin buildings on the site are prefabricated in their factory using modular techniques. This means that your log house or wood cabin will not be exposed to any rain or snow during the construction process, which is a known issue with wood cabins that are built on site. The modular wood cabin sections are built stronger than the typical site-built log house so they can withstand delivery without being affected. These advantages also provide long-term benefits.

Each of the log cabins built by Cozy Cabins LLC can be customized and they also built completely custom designs too. There are rarely two cabins that are exactly alike. The company has designed many floor plans that can act as suggestions and can help in getting you the full-package pricing. They can also act as a starting place for a log cabin or home design. If you don’t see something you like, you can sketch out a rough idea of something you’d like and send it into them and they would be happy to create your dream plans.

It’s no wonder why wood and logs are such a popular building material. A resource that is natural, and renewable, with no two pieces being identical. However, the final appearance of wood is dependent on some variables, including the tree species, the geographic location where the tree grows, the growth conditions, the size of the tree at the time of harvest, the sawing and other manufacturing processes. Wood also happens to be one of the oldest types of building materials used by humans. It’s also a sustainable building material in the process of tackling climate change. As a tree grows, it absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, through the process of photosynthesis, converts the carbon dioxide into molecules that form the compounds that make up the wood. Approximately 50 percent of the dry weight of a piece of wood is carbon, which will remain locked inside of the wood for the entire life of the product. Wood is also one of the only renewable building materials that is currently available.

The energy that is consumed in the production of wood called embodied energy, is so much lower than other types of building materials, which means that by using more timber in your wood cabins and cabin buildings is a good replacement for carbon-intensive building materials such as aluminum, concrete or steel. It’s also possible to significantly reduce the carbon emissions in the construction of schools, hospitals, offices, homes, and public buildings. Although timber is a building material that has a lot of history and has been used in most every culture in the world since before the Stone Age, wood is experiencing a bit of revival in use. Wood that is responsibly sourced and certified is now being looked at as an important tool in helping to combat the risks of climate change.