Check Out This Perfect Little 2 Bedroom Cabin With Hot Tub! PERFECT Getaway Weekend …

If you want the experience of a wood cabin in the woods, the Wisteria log cabin would be perfect for you to stay at. Also, if you’re looking into building a log cabin of your own, it helps to stay at different small log cabins to experience them in person. Even if you’re just building a small log cabin, it’s still a pretty big investment so you’ll want to make sure that you choose something you’ll love. Looking at photos of wood cabins is also a great idea too. By staying in a log cabin, you’ll have the experience of what the design and the floor plan is like and how you can function in it.

The Wisteria is a great wood cabin with all the amenities needed to keep you comfortable during your stay. There are even a hot tub and an outdoor playground for the kids as well as a fire pit to enjoy. This wouldn’t just be a great way to feel out building a log cabin of your own; it would also be a great way to wind down and relax. To disconnect from the world for a while and return to nature.

The cabin building itself is very charming and reminds one of the rustic log cabins of the past. Even though it looks very simple on the outside, the cabin is very modern and stylish on the inside. The interior features an open floor plan complete with a fully stocked kitchen with beautiful wooden cabinets, a full sized fridge, stove and even a dishwasher. This kitchen is just as nice as your kitchen at home making it easy to prepare meals while you’re away. There is also a nice wooden table and chairs in the kitchen to eat at with the whole family. Right close by is the living room which is made for lounging and fun, with a TV and a foosball table. There’s also one bedroom with a king-sized bed and another bedroom with a full bed. The home has a total of 850 square feet, and there are two bedrooms in total.

The maximum number of people allowed to stay in the cabin overnight is 4, and there are no parties or large events allowed to take place at the cabin. There’s also one full bathroom in the house with a toilet, vanity, a bathtub and shower. It’s always nice to have a bathroom inside your log cabin, so you don’t have to run out to an outhouse and to have a flush toilet is ideal, so you don’t have to clean up any mess.

The first thing you’ll have to decide if you’re choosing to build a log cabin of your own is if you want to build a brand new one and buy land to build it on. Or, you could buy a log cabin that’s already been built. Buying a cabin building or a home that’s already built might save you some money, but you won’t get the exact design you want. So if you have a specific idea of what you’d like your log cabin to look like, your best bet is to build new. If you’re not set on a certain floor plan, you can check out different wood cabins for sale and see if you like any of them. Enjoy looking through the photos of this great log cabin and see what you think about it.