This Incredible La Maison Conteneur Container Home Was Created By Joining Two Shipping Containers

At first glance, you may not see it right away, but this striking home was built using two old shipping containers. Yes, just like those ones you see on ships and trains or trucks that transport goods around the globe. These shipping containers are usually used for a period of time and then retired, but what happens to them after they are of no use for transportation? They usually just get recycled into scrap metal or left in the landfill. But now, there is a new purpose for these steel containers, and that is to create gorgeous, stylish homes out of them. It might sound like a tedious task, but using these shipping containers for building is actually really simple and effective. They work perfectly because they are already in the shape of a home, a shape that can be used as a building block of sorts. The shipping containers usually sell for around $3,000 or so depending on where you get them which makes them very affordable to use as building materials. You already have the floor, walls and ceiling in place so they can also be used as is, but people typically change them up quite a bit removing walls or lifting the ceiling and adding cutouts for windows or doors. Just one container can create a small home or office space quite easily, or even a cottage or a guest house while more than one or even several of these shipping containers can create a large, luxurious home.

This home in Quebec, Canada was built using two shipping containers, and they call it La Maison Conteneur I which translates to The Container Home I. The resident built her own shipping container home too which is pretty impressive. Her name is Claudie Drubeuil, and she created this lovely 1,920 square foot luxurious home for herself. There are three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms within the home, and she’s really made it feel so much like a regular home that you’d forget it was a shipping container before. This was actually one of the first shipping container homes to become really popular. From the outside, you’d assume that this home is just a regular modern home, with clean lines and wooden panelling with black accents and trim. There’s even a rooftop patio as well which makes great use of the home’s space. The 9-foot ceilings inside the home make the space feel large and open, and the polished concrete floors create an edgy contemporary look. Plus, all of the large windows open the home up to the outdoors offering tons of natural light. In the living room, they left the original walls of the shipping container exposed and painted them a nice fresh white. Then, they also added some wood details to bring in a more earthy vibe as well.

The amazing fully equipped kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, including an oversized range, oven, a fridge, a center island and sink. There’s also tons of cabinet space and a huge pantry for even more food storage. They added in a large wooden dining table to bring in more natural tones and materials. Then, the pot hanger on the wall matches perfectly and provides some great storage for kitchen items. The half bathroom, has a sink, flush toilet and reclaimed wood walls with metal shelves. The bedrooms are upstairs, and the master bedroom features an open floorplan with the bathtub right in the room with the bed and a toilet hidden just around the corner. This open industrial and modern design is something really unique and definitely inspiring, especially if you’re planning on building your very own container home.