Do you remember camping as a kid? If you were lucky you had a camp trailer. Lol. Camping was/is not my forte and I wasn’t onboard with tent camping! We didn’t have a trailer but it didn’t stop me from wanting one. I loved how the furniture flipped up and the sides flipped down… there was so much space in such a tiny trailer.

So much better than motorhomes because you really were ‘camping.’ If you could see the stars (which you could through the mosquito nets) it was/is considered camping.

The Markies camper really is a game changer and the perfect home away from home! How amazing! Apparently this trailer design was invented in 1985. Then why doesn’t everyone have one? Because the inventor, Edward Bohtlingk, is Dutch. Let’s get the word out. Maybe we can get them here! It has collapsible awnings to fit the weather, four beds with privacy screens, a kitchenette, and a shower/toilet just to name a few of the luxuries.

What a camping experience! I think you might have to get a double campsite to fit it but it would so be worth it! I’m in love! Needing some help camping? Here are some tips from Trail Sherpa to make the experience better.

Go here to see the complete floor plan and more photos… Transformable Design: “De Markies” The Awning Camp Trailer