Quick Project: Easy Shoe Rack

Use drumsticks or pine dowels to make this super-easy shoe rack that will add style to any closet or bedroom.

Use drumsticks or pine dowels to craft this easy shoe rack and display your shoes with style. This quick project shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete and won’t cost that much for materials either.


  • 16 of Drumsticks or pine dowels, approx. 12mm dia. x 400mm length
  • 4 of Drumsticks or pine dowels, approx. 12mm dia. x 150mm length
  • 1 of Large dowel, approx. 35mm dia. x 1 metre length
  • Wood glue
  • 120-grit sandpaper


  • Drill /Driver plus assorted bits
  • Spade bit to diameter size of dowels
  • Tape measure and pencil



1. Clamp the large dowel to your workbench. Determine the centre point in order to draw a line along the length of the dowel from one end to the other. This will allow you to drill precise holes for the drumsticks or dowels. Mark every 120mm for drilling the holes for the dowels.

2. Use a spade bit or MAD bit to the size of the ends of the drumsticks, or 12mm if you are using 12mm pine dowels. Drill to a depth of half the diameter of the larger pine dowel that will act as the stand. Also drill 4 holes at the bottom of the large dowel for mounting the legs.

3. Sand the large dowel smooth with sandpaper and then apply a bead of wood glue to each hole in order to insert the dowels along the top. Leave this to dry overnight before repeating this process to add the legs along the bottom of the large dowel.