People Love This 364 Square Foot Adorable Cottage

Cottages can be the perfect way to create a cozy and familiar home away from home. There are plenty of options to choose from to get that cottage you’ve always dreamed of including building a cottage from the ground up or buying a cottage that’s already built. While many people are tempted to build a cottage from scratch, it can require a lot of hard work and with that, also a lot of money.

There are so many things to consider when building a cottage or home and all of those things can add up. So that’s why buying one that’s already on the market can save you some coin. Plus, buying a pre-loved cottage comes with a lot of character and warmth that you don’t have with a brand new build. If the cottage has been in use for a number of years, the other option is to renovate it and bring in your own style and personality.

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That’s the case with this cute cottage in Saugatuck, Michigan. It was completely renovated by its previous owners to bring a lot of style and comfort to the space. They introduced all new electrical, air conditioning and heating. They also completely renovated the kitchen which looks incredible, and they also added a sweet deck on the cottage too so the new owners could enjoy some outdoor time.

This cottage was for sale, but it was quickly scooped up by its new owners. This just goes to show how quickly these types of cottages go when they’re on the market. So if you ever find one you like, make sure that you put down your offer right away. This cottage sits on a half an acre of property and is within walking distance to all of the restaurants and shops of Saugatuck. Plus, the lot is also zoned for commercial use, so that’s a great deal for the new owners as well. The exterior is bright and welcoming painted white and bright blue. The house also has a forest right beside it, and great plants planted all around too. Inside, the kitchen is the perfect place to make meals with all of the countertop space and the built-in range. There’s also a microwave for those times when you just need to heat something up quickly. They kept the fridge small, and there is a large single basin sink on the other side of the kitchen.

This is a one-room cabin, so there is only the room next to the kitchen which serves as the living room and the bedroom area with a little spot for a dining table too. There’s even a bathroom in the home too, which means no outhouse while staying at the cabin. The cottage could even be added onto in the future as well to expand the livable space inside. Adding a bedroom would be great, or even a couple of bedrooms to accommodate a family. So as you can see, these small cottages on the market offer great options for cabins and even tiny homes. Which would you rather? Building new or renovating?