Now You Can Buy A Tiny House On Amazon For $4,490

The Lillevilla Escape is a 113 square foot cabin building from Allwood Kit Cabin. This wood cabin perfect for small house living and a variety of uses from guest house, artist studio, gardening shed and so much more. The cabin building is available for purchase on Amazon and usually ships within 4 to 5 days. This wood cabin does not ship to Canada. This cabin building is built from Nordic Spruce Dual Tongue Windblock pattern. The price for the Lillevilla Escape is $4,490. The wood cabin kit comes with everything you need for easy building. You will want to take a closer look at this charming cabin building; it doesn’t get much easier than ordering your wood cabin online.

There are plenty of benefits of building a wood cabin with Nordic Spruce. The trunk of Spruce has a long sound-knotted part, with most planks and Spruce boards are also being sound-knotted. The colour of the sound knots does not differ from the surrounding timber, the surface of sound-knotted sawn spruce is also uniformly pale, and the dry knotted section of the tree trunk is short, and the dry knots are small. Spruce is a straight-grained wood that does not rise with planing, sanding, cutting or painting. Spruce wood has few resin pockets and glueing, and surface treatment properties are good. The proportion of heartwood of spruce is great, with the surface wood only letting through a little water. The moisture penetrates the wood slowly, and the wood is durable on facades. Correctly sawn, Spruce will not warp easily.

The price of the Lillevilla Escape is just one of the benefits of a wood cabin kit. Of course, being able to order your cabin building online is another benefit, along with the fast rate for which this cabin building ships. You might be in a hurry to get your wood cabin up and running, and this cabin building is a good way to get the cabin that you need. Maybe you have guests from out of town coming to visit, or you have decided you need a place to work that is separate from the main house. One look inside of the Lillevilla Escape wood cabin, and you will see the quality wood cabin, and are sure to be inspired. Small house living has never been so easy or affordable as this wood cabin design.

There are other benefits of using wood for your cabin building. Trees and wood building products have a unique ability to store carbon. As the trees grow, they absorb the carbon dioxide in the air. When the trees are sustainably harvested and then used to make wood cabins and building products, the carbon remains stored in the wood for the life of the wood product. About 50 percent of the dry weight of wood building material is carbon. Wood is good for your health and wellbeing. Research has identified that the increased use of wooden in cabin buildings and wood cabins has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits.

People feel less stressed and more productive when staying in a wood cabin, students learn better, and patients heal faster in spaces that contain natural building elements like wood. The right wood also produces less carbon dioxide. The production and the processing of wood building materials use much less energy also known as embodied energy, than most other types of building materials, which gives wood building products a significantly lower carbon footprint.