Check out the interior of this Blue Ridge Mountains cabin

The back porch is so cherished that it even has ceiling fans!

Situated on picturesque Buck Mountain between Winston-Salem and the Cherokee National Forest in North Carolina, the Wolf Den Cabin is simplicity itself. After all, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there’s no point in trying to outshine the scenery, which may be why the best features of this all-purpose cabin are the dual porches, one in front, one on the back side.

t says it all, when the television above the fireplace is a relatively modest size, but the porches run the length of the cabin and the back porch is so cherished that it even has ceiling fans!

This cabin is so welcoming, it might be right at home in a suburban enclave. Instead, it’s right at home on a mountain ridge with an uninterrupted view that stretches for miles.
These porch chairs all lean back, so you know that life is supposed to slow down when you sit in them. Notice the ceiling fan in the upper right of the photo. How many outdoor porches have ceiling fans? It’s a great way to keep a breeze going and shoo the bugs away.

The dining and living room space is both cozy and spacious. It has plenty of plump chairs and couches for viewing the fire or watching television. 

There are enough beds in the Wolf Den to accommodate 11 guests.  This is a three-story cabin with a bathroom on each floor and four bedrooms, which include one king sized bed, three queen sized beds, two single beds and a day bed!

Here’s the great master bedroom:
Other guests can choose among these options:
And this one:
This is a fully-equipped, modern kitchen that includes a built-in microwave oven, a modern stove, a double sink and a dishwasher.

It is understandable if you can’t decide whether or not a rustic cabin looks better in the summer or the winter. They sure look at like a warm, hideaway home underneath a soft blanket of snow.

And some of the neighbors are very welcoming.