The Perfection of This $14,000 Wooden House Will Amaze You for Sure

Check out this hot selling beach wood house with a great price of $140 – $350 per square meter. Log house construction is a big job, especially if you want to take it on yourself and build your own house. Prefab building kits are very popular for this reason. A kit like this one from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company is a great way to build a log house or cabin easily and efficiently. The prefab log home kits are great because all of the materials are ready to be assembled upon delivery. You can imagine how much easier this would make the building process to have all of the materials all pre cut and ready to be assembled. They are also labeled in correspondence to how they fit together, so you know which ones to nail together and in what order. In these kits from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company, everything needed to build the whole house will be included in the kit. This means that all of the wood for the walls will be included, the floor system, the roof system, the windows and solid wood doors, and even the decking materials.

This prefab log home kit is a cozy, simple and stylish looking home model. Even though it is one of the smaller log home kits from their collection, it would be perfect for living a simple and natural life or to enjoy as a beach house as the title mentions. There is a nice big patio on the front as well as the side of the home, with a protective awning for sun and rain cover. A patio like this would be a great place where you could arrange some nice outdoor seating and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Although it is small, it would be great for a couple or a small family or a single person to live in full time quite comfortably. The log home kit model would maybe be around 700 square feet or so by the image of the exterior. Small houses like this allow you to live within your means and have quite a content lifestyle.

The prefab building kits from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company are all usually made up of Russian Pine, or SPF which stands for spruce, pine or fir. But what species of tree would be the best for building houses? The softer woods like Pine, Cedar and Spruce are the types of tree that are usually used in building projects. These woods are extremely tough at their core, creating stability, but they are also extremely easy to work with to create even some of the largest structures. Hardwoods are most commonly used for flooring because they only need to be cut into straight planks in a uniform size and shape. Logs and wood in general is really an amazing building material. For starters, this is because trees are a renewable resource that is actually quite sustainable for the planet. Since there are so many companies using logs, sustainable tree plantations have come into existence to moderate the use of trees and create a continuous flow of building materials. In the tree plantations, the use of the trees is monitored to make sure that nothing is ever wasted. The tree plantations are also protecting old growth forests since they are the healthier option for creating lumber. Log houses are also a eco friendly type of building since they use less electricity to heat the house since the logs retain so much heat due to their amazing natural properties. Have a look at more of the lovely prefab log home kit models from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company through the Alibaba online world trading market.***