Luxury 1 Bedroom 2 Story Cabin In Gatlinburg Falls

Enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the hectic buzz of modern life in this wood cabin in Gatlinburg Falls, Tennesse. The cabin features one bedroom, a hot tub, multi-game arcade, pool table, air hockey and great views on two outdoor decks. It’s also completely equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances so guests can make home-cooked meals. The cabin accommodates up to six people so it would be great for families or a group of friends to take a vacation in together. Located in Gatlinburg Falls Resort guests will also have access to a workout room and a swimming pool in the summer months. The cottage is 1,664 square feet with two floors so there will be plenty of space for everyone to spread out and relax. It can be rented through Airbnb for $160 per night and is less than 10 minutes away from Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge

This wood cabin rental is just one of the ways you can enjoy staying in a cottage. There is something about the rustic ambiance of a cabin, and it’s connection with nature which makes owning a log or staying in a wood cabin the popular choice for many people. The benefits of a wood cabin like this one start with the building materials. This cottage is built primarily out of wood which is a renewable resource making it more eco-friendly than buildings created out of human-made materials. While this particular cabin looks as though it was built brand new, and that is a great option, there is also the option of building your cottage from recycled and reclaimed materials. Doing this will save you money and it will also spare resources too. By reusing materials from old homes that have been demolished, you can also bring in some major character into your cabin or cottage. Each part and piece of the cabin will now hold a story from the previous building. It’s also fun to find all of the components that will make your cottage, much like a scavenger hunt of sorts.

The best way to find reclaimed materials is to look around in your local area. Go to auctions, garage sales and estate sales. Visit your local online buy and sell pages for reclaimed and salvaged materials. You can also see about going to salvage yards too if you have one in your area. There are some parts of the build that should be done using brand new materials though. For example, using new insulation will be very important to create an air tight seal around the home, so it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Also, roofing materials should usually be new or in very good condition. Wood should also be in very good condition too, so it’s important to inspect the wood you’re thinking of using for mold and insect infestations. You can sometimes find good windows for less, but be sure to get ones that are properly insulated and safe. Some of the best items you’ll find for your build will be the interior fixtures like cabinets, sinks and countertops. Sometimes you can even find reclaimed hardwood flooring for a great price too. Take some time and look around for the materials that will suit your project best. Another option is to build a prefab cabin or home kit that is delivered to your land. Companies make it very easy to build your very own cabin with little to no skills required. The other option is to hire a company to build your cabin for you from the ground up to get more of a handcrafted cottage. Get some ideas for your own cabin by staying in other cabins and looking at photos of inspiring cottages like this one.