1000 Sqft Original And Adorable Log Cabin To Check Out ..

Anyone into the history of cabin building would be very interested in staying in this wood cabin called The Squirrels Nest. This traditionally built log cabin building on James River in Buchanan, Virginia is a picture perfect log cabin retreat. It’s just one of the many small log cabins you can find for rent through VRBO, and it might just help you become inspired for building a log cabin of your own to enjoy for vacationing. When you are thinking of building a log cabin of your own, it’s a great idea to test out a few different styles and types of log cabins to discern what you prefer most. Small log cabins make the perfect vacation homes and rentals for couples and smaller families.

As you can see with this Squirrels Nest log cabin building, you can fit a lot into just 1,000 square feet of space too. This 1,000 square foot log cabin features three bedrooms and two bathrooms which is a lot for a compact space. The cabin can comfortably sleep 6 people at a time since one bedroom has a double bed, a queen sized bed and two twin beds. You could also put bunk beds in one of the bedrooms of your own log cabin to make even more room for guests. Futons and pull out couches also work well for accommodating extra people too.

This cabin also features a nice kitchen that has all of the items you need to cook delicious meals. There’s a large fridge, stove, microwave and even a dishwasher. So you can make the most of your vacation and eat healthy the entire time. Some rustic log cabins will only use smaller propane stoves and convection ovens while some only use an open fire to cook outside. You can tailor your cabin experience to suit your comfort levels and needs. You can make it as rustic or as luxurious as you want it and it all boils down to personal preference. Some luxurious cabins have full gourmet style kitchens and barbeques to cook on while others just have the basics. This cabin also has a large TV in the living room to enjoy during downtime, but if you wanted your cabin to be a bit more bare bones, you can leave out the television and enjoy connecting with nature the entire time. The Squirrels Nest also has full electric and running water, but you could create an off-grid cabin with solar power and a water catchment system. This is a great way to keep the cost of running your cabin low.

Instead of building a log cabin from scratch you can also buy an older cabin like the Squirrels Nest and renovate it to bring it back to life. Many older log cabins that have been taken care of really well will still be in good enough condition to last many more years. Small log cabins are especially easy to maintain since there is less space overall to maintain. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing log cabin designs and remember that small log cabins will also cost you less upfront and will be more affordable to heat and cool as well. You can see how they left the logs on the exterior of the log cabin in the original finish, but they painted the walls on the inside of the cabin white to give it a fresh and new look. You could also refinish the logs and bring out their natural beauty. Enjoy looking through the photos of this incredible historic log cabin and get inspired for your log cabin build. The Squirrels Nest cabin building is available to rent for $135 per night.