For $14,500, the Lugarde Sicily Log Cabin Package Looks Great, Inside and Out

The Lugarde Sicily cabin building is a nice log cabin that has plenty of room. The log cabin floor plan has a built-in veranda that is ideal for hanging out in hot or rainy weather. The Lugarde Sicily log cabin from Simply log cabins has two double door entrances and two large casement windows that are both double glazed. The log cabin also has decorative arches that are optional in the floor plan that provide a classic look to the log cabin.

This would be a great wood cabin to use as a weekend getaway retreat, a place to go on weekends and get a little rest. Inside this tiny log cabin is an open space that you could set up as a studio space, with a kitchen area, living area and a sofa bed that can be used to sleep on at night. You could set up the exterior of the log cabin with a picnic table and chairs and hang outside during the day. A covered outdoor patio is a place where you can read and enjoy a cup of tea any time of the day.


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These tiny sheds and wood cabins can be used for a wide variety of purposes, only limited by your imagination. A cabin building could be used as a backyard artist studio, backyard office, guesthouse, or writers retreat. You might even choose to use a wood cabin as a weekend retreat, or as a garden shed in the backyard. With so many designs, styles and sizes to choose from there are sure to be something to suit most anyone. The wood cabin is made from high-quality slow grown North Eastern European and Russian Spruce. These logs are an extremely high-quality wood that is manufactured to provide a well-sealed log home or log cabin that fits together firmly and creates a log cabin that will withstand the elements. The log cabins are durable and will last a long time. Building a log cabin kit does leave you with a good sense of accomplishment if you choose to carry out the log home building project from start to finish. But some people prefer to have someone else build it for them; the company can refer someone to do that for you.

This is just one of the wood cabins available from Lugarde Sicily Log Cabins. They offer a wide variety of tiny log cabins to be used for all sorts of things. On the site, there are log cabins that can be used as market stalls, multi-room log cabins, barbecue lodges and more. The wood cabins are available in different sizes and designs to be used for whatever you need be. Other log cabins that you will find on the site include summerhouses, gazebos, carports, log sheds, garden sheds, storage sheds, workshop sheds, and playhouses. Some of the recommended foundations include tarmac, railway sleepers, concrete flagstones, and concrete pads. Simply Log Cabins does recommend the following steps be taken to ensure a good quality base. You will need a solid and level foundation for the proper installation of any good quality garden building. Some of this will depend on the soil type and consistency of the soil, but typically you will need to remove to a depth of approximately six inches. Then the next stage is to fill in with some coarse sand or gravel, compact and then lay the concrete slabs or put down some concrete.

The Braxton cabin building feels much larger than its 960 square foot floor plan. The wood cabin has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is a nice sized cabin building to use as a vacation home on the piece of property you’ve been dreaming about. The ranch log home floor plan has everything you need all on one floor. With two bedrooms, an open living room/dining room/kitchen, and a master bedroom with bathroom, this cabin building has everything you need. The Braxton cabin building comes from the Tradesman Series of log cabins. The Tradesman Series of cabin buildings have the log cabin look that everyone loves at affordable prices.

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The Braxton cabin building is a rustic design with plenty of details to love. From the exposed beams inside the wood cabin, the wood used throughout, and log railings it’s the perfect log home for life at the lake. When it comes to decorating your vacation log home, log furniture is always a good idea. Log Furniture in a vacation log home always looks good, especially if your cabin is located close to nature. Log furniture is a style and type of furniture that incorporates the use of whole logs and branches into its furniture design. Log furniture is durable too, and often looks better the longer you have it. Log furniture designs, along with other types of rustic furniture designs are more popular than ever. Using log furniture is always a good way to decorate your log home or cabin building to add a bit of character and texture to your home. You can also combine your log furniture with modern pieces of furniture for a shabby chic look that works. Log furniture design adds comfort to any log home design.

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Wood is, of course, long-lasting building material and is the perfect choice when you are looking for longevity from your furniture. Whether you opt for hardwood or softwood furniture, there is certain stability and reliability to a well-made wooden table, desk or chair. When you buy a quality piece of wooden furniture, it offers great value for your money. Well looked after quality furniture will last a lifetime, so you don’t have to replace the furniture every few years.

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The Braxton log home building is just one of the cabin buildings you’ll find at the Coventry Log Homes site. The Braxton cabin building comes from the Tradesman Series of real log cabins for sale on the site. Coventry Log Homes is a log home company that has been in business for more than twenty years. The family-run log home company has plenty of hands-on experience with log homes. They have five series of real log cabins for sale to include the Tradesman Series of log home buildings, the Craftsman Series of log cabins for sale, the Cabin Series of log home buildings, the Recreational Series of log homes, and the Timber Frame Series of real log cabins for sale. This quality log home company has over 60 models of real log cabins for sale. With so many choices there is sure to be a log home or log cabin to suit most anyone. Coventry Log Homes are a good choice for the environmentally conscious consumer, as the company is passionate about using building materials that promote green building practices, and using green methods and sustainable practices whenever they can.

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