Floating Tiny Houseboats Allow You To Have A Vacation On The Water

Forget all your troubles and float away in a tiny houseboat from Daigno. This Quebec-based boat builder designed the perfect small houseboat experience. The floating homes are even solar powered making them practical for a vacation on the water. They call this model Le Koroc, and it was made to be lightweight and energy efficient. The company was careful to choose not only lightweight materials but also durable and stable materials with longevity. That’s why they chose laminated white cedar beams and plywood to create this lovely houseboat that weighs only 5,000 pounds. Many larger houseboats can weight up to 40,000 pounds more or less depending on the size and materials they use to build it. Having a smaller houseboat has many advantages since it won’t cost as much to produce and not as much to purchase for the customer, but it will also be easier to tow than the average sized houseboat too. This tiny houseboat is 24 feet long and 8 feet wide meaning it can also be easily towed on the highway and meet highway regulations. That way owners can bring their houseboat wherever they like. Inside, the houseboat has all of the basic things you’d need including a little table in the kitchen and even a bathroom with a shower stall. The table folds into a bed that holds a mattress formed from the two bench seats on either side creating a bedroom space. There’s also lots of storage on board as well.

At the front of the boat, there is the living area and an open deck. There’s also a spot for grilling and a fish tank to store any fish that may be caught while out on the water. The entire houseboat starts at around $65,000 which provides everything on the boat. On the metal roof is also a 265-watt solar panel to create energy for the lighting and fridge. The lights are also LED which helps cut down on power use majorly. They also install composting toilets which are easy to clean and use. The curved roofline on the home provides more space inside and gives the houseboat a nice shape and contour. Overall, it looks like the perfect little home on the water and would be perfect for people who love fishing and nature and just being out on the lake.

The company has standard designs like this one, but each of the designs can be changed by adding different options to customize the houseboat to the customer’s needs. This one is the fishing series houseboat which is why it has the deck for fishing and a storage tank for the fish that are caught as well as a BBQ to grill them up. Le Koroc V is another version of the Le Koroc, but it’s the Holiday Series that is 28 feet long by 8.6 feet wide. This one features a larger cabin and deck with weatherproof benches. L’Équinoxe is a larger version of Le Koroc and measures 32 feet by 9.1 feet and offers more space than the other two. They say it’s the big brother of Le Koroc. On this houseboat, there are also two portable single beds which increases the capacity to four adults. The deck also comes with couches. For the largest option, L’Équinoxe D is a double-decker design with the living area uptop and on the main deck. So there are plenty of options for all different purposes and uses giving something for everyone to be able to enjoy. Which one of these cute houseboats would you choose from the collection? Would you go small or go big?