Featured Log Builder: Traditional Log Homes

Traditional Log Homes is one of the top exporters of hand-crafted Log Homes. The log builders design and build their custom homes for clients all around the world shipping them and then building them on site, all from their home location in Salmon Arm, British Columbia Canada. So whether you live in Canada, the United States or as far away as Asia, they are happy to help you get into the log home or cabin of your dreams. All of the homes from this log builder start with the highest quality Douglas Fir, Spruce or Western Red Cedar. Each of the logs is carefully hand-selected, and then the log builders hand peel them all and hand carve them to fit together to create the perfect log walls. Luckily they live in Salmon Arm which is right at the top of the Okanagan Valley. Seeing as they are close to the source of their materials, this helps to keep costs lower in the production aspect which keeps prices lower for the customer as well. Everything is done close to home which reduces transportation costs and also keeps things more eco-friendly as well. The homes are created in the log builders 5-acre production yard, and all of the homes are built using non-toxic wood finishes then they are numbered and shipped out to the property the home will be built on. Usually, a crew member will go and supervise the assembly of the log house. Otherwise, a team of log builders will go out and assemble the entire project.

Many of their customers are looking for recreational homes or a home to retire in, and the log builders love to serve out-of-province clients who are planning their move to British Columbia to live in a log house or own a log cabin. The company of log builders was established in 1976 founded by Duncan and Vivian Morris. The first building they created in 1976 was the Shuswap Youth Centre in Salmon Arm, a 2,800 square foot log building. In 1996 they went on to build the Helicopter assembly area of the Mt. Assiniboine Lodge for Parks Canada. And then in 1997, they Established a Traditional Log Homes agent in Lake Arrowhead California. By 1998 they also had an agent in Frankfurt, Germany and then by 2000 they had an agent in Chiba, Japan. They’ve shipped hundreds of beautiful log homes all over the world including Morrocco, Germany, and Slovenia. Looking through all of the Testimonials from their website, you can see how well regarded they are all over the world and that people love working with these log builders. From the materials to the service and the designs, people are always very happy with the results of the log builder’s efforts.

On their website, the log builders at Traditional Log Homes features several log home plans including the Das Telkwa Lake Haus which is a small residential home, or it could also be great for a holiday or recreational getaway. The NitiNat is another beautiful home design from the log builders, and it even won the Award of Excellence at the Home Expo Trade Fair in 1988. The Neskonlith log home plan features huge vertical posts and incredible log craftsmanship, and The Malahat is a smaller chalet style of home with a loft space for extra sleeping space or storage. The other plans include The Kootenay – a great cottage for the lake or woods, The Jasper – a comfortable cottage inside and out with two porches. They also have a ranch style home called The Gibson which would be great for a country acreage. The Athabaska which is popular in rural Japan and Das Alpen Haus that features a spiral staircase inside.