Expandable Teardrop Trailer Gives You 3X! the Space MUST SEE VIDEO

3X An Innovative, Expandable Teardrop Trailer By Beauer-17

For those who love camping outdoors, French company, BeauEr, has designed a teardrop trailer that can expand to thrice its size, creating a fully-equipped living space complete with plush bedroom, bathroom, dining area and a functional kitchen. Known as 3X, its innovative telescopic design features strategically-placed slide-outs that can be extended, with just the push of a button, for greater interior space. The company is also looking to develop camper vans and larger trailers, based on the same concept.

Measuring around 8.5 x 6 x 8.5 ft (approx. 2.6 x 1.85 x 2.6 m), the BeauEr 3X looks similar to a standard teardrop trailer, when unexpanded. This ensures that it can be easily parked inside a garage as well as driven on the road without violating any of the traffic laws. However unlike regular teardrop camper trailers, which weigh less than 1000 lb (about 450 kg), the 3X is quite heavy, at nearly 2,204 lb (or 1,000 kg).

3X An Innovative, Expandable Teardrop Trailer By Beauer-13

The design includes three neatly-packed telescopic modules that can be stretched, by means of an electrically-operated expansion system. Within 20 seconds of activation, the units fold out, enlarging the previously-constricted 43-sq-ft interior space into a sprawling 129-sq-ft area. The plan allots separate space for a two-person bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining-cum-living area. The newly-created space makes room for additional furniture, such as a folding bed and a sofa.

Adjacent to the central kitchen is a small, yet compact, bathroom, equipped with a shower, a cassette toilet and a sink. The kitchen, on the other hand, boasts a range of appliances, including a 130 L refrigerator, a double-burner stovetop, an oven, a sink and several cupboards and smaller storage units. At present, the 3X model is sold only in France, with prices starting from $23,000, excluding taxes and additional components like water tanks.

Over the course of the coming three years, BeauEr plans to make the 3X teardrop trailer available to buyers in North America as well as other parts of Europe. The company is also in the process of developing an expandable camper van called 3XC, which uses the same 3X design.

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