Escape to the woodlands with the rustic park model of your dreams: Its bathroom is a treat

Looking for a simple, rustic retreat? The Bear Cabin, sold by Hideaway Cabins in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is the perfect little retreat. It’s been recently updated to have the same basic layout, but a whole host of new options like increased lighting, a separate laundry room and optional dormers were added.

The exterior, shown below, is a perfect model of a classic cabin, with its rustic log exterior and green metal roof. A spacious porch addition is great for people who like to spend time outside. It even has space for a dining area outside with an umbrella table. Double doors lead into the main living area.

This classic layout allows for a loft option, which you can see in the photo below. The stone electric fireplace with a mantel area adds a rustic, north woods feel. The knotted wood ceiling and walls add to the rustic aesthetic. The kitchen is set back separately, which is perfect for people who want the kitchen separated from the living area to limit cooking noises.