Dreamy Log Home Looks Like The Upgraded Version Of The Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage

For those who dream of owning a log cabin or home with a traditional design and build The Little Log House Company is a wonderful company building log cabins and homes in Ireland. Even though their headquarters are in Ireland they still help people out all over the world in getting their traditional log homes. For example, in the United States and Canada, they deliver their houses to Norfolk Port, Virginia, in the USA and to Halifax Port, in Canada. They can also ship to other ports that may be more convenient to customers for a similar price. So if you were interested in one of their log homes like this large log house design number 4, you could order it from them and have it shipped to you. They handcraft all of their log houses using traditional log home building methods to ensure quality and performance. Thanks to the full logs they build with, these homes will stay super warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to the logs having great thermoregulation.

Each design will usually have a space designated to a wood burning fireplace as well which is what will mainly heat the home. The logs will absorb all of the heat from the fire and then retain it until it needs to be released when the temperatures drop. Everything is included in their packages to create a move in ready log home. The only items they don’t include are the electrical and plumbing, as well as the kitchen, bathroom and fireplace fixtures. Of course, landscaping, once the house is built, is also up to the homeowner. A smaller log house can be reassembled on the building site with a roof, windows and doors in about 14 to 21 days. Then the interior can be finished at the customer’s own pace. The packages include the double glazed windows, wide board pine flooring, pine ceiling boards, the pine staircase with hand forged ironwork. They also install the large half section log walls and internal and external doors.

This particular log house design 4 is one of their larger log home plans, and while there isn’t a floor plan available to see the inside of this home, there are some great shots of the exterior of the house that show off its beauty. One of the most incredible parts of this design is the bannister on the upper balcony of the home which is probably off of the main bedroom upstairs. The wood carving details on this banister are so intricate and detailed with a seed of life emblem in the center and some gorgeous filigree surrounding it. This is a very common type of design for Celtic artwork which is native to Ireland. They could probably carve any design the customer wanted though and not just on bannisters either. The door and entryway are quite impressive as well as the thatched roof which gives the home a very old-fashioned cottage appearance. Yet the cottage is still modern and up to date in other ways including the stone steps leading up to the front door.