Steel Frame Cabin Kit Home from $6990


These inexpensive kit homes have caught our attention this week. With a bit of DIY, a very inexpensive cabin can be set up using these kit homes, from what I can tell. We took a look at their 3-bedroom model before, and this one is a one-bedroom cabin – a tiny home shell basically. It’s the 1838 model from CSC.

It’s part of their “Weekender Series,” which you can probably imagine hints at the design purpose: a cabin that can be set up on some weekending-friendly piece of property and made frequent trips to. According to the builders: “CSC Building Systems introduces the Weekender Series. Developed as a place to escape “city” life, where one can get back to nature and the simple ways of life. The Weekender Series is an engineered steel framing system specifically designed for the recreational market. The economical lightweight steel is easily transported and can be put up quickly by two or three workers without any special lifting equipment. This makes it the perfect framing system for the advanced Do-It-Yourselfer. When the stress of today’s hectic lifestyle gets to be too much, wouldn’t it be nice to escape to your weekend retreat and cultivate your true perspective on life.

What is INCLUDED with this Kit?

  • Complete Galvanized Steel frame for the roof, and walls
  • Galvanized Steel door frames and window frames as per this plan. (field cutting required)
  • Structural Bolts. Braces, and screws required for assembly
  • Painted CSC Metal Roofing
  • Painted CSC Metal Siding
  • Painted CSC Metal Trim
  • All Painted screws, closures, and sealants required for installation
  • Plans for assembly (3 copies)
  • Engineers Stamp on the frame design.
  • A copy of the 2015 IBC prescriptive foundation designs for residential structures
  • If your local building official will not accept the IBC prescriptive design, you will be required to follow their instructions for developing an acceptable foundation design.
  • Everything to build the CSC1838; as an enclosed exterior shell, EXCEPT the actual windows and doors, and slab or foundation.

What is NOT INCLUDED with this Kit?

Anything and everything not listed as included; which includes but is NOT limited to:
Interior wall framing
Porch materials
Furring strips for the inside of the exterior walls for installing insulation, drywall, or paneling. The furring strips may be wood or steel (optional CSC item)
Drywall, paneling and/or all other finishing material
Plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, insulation, etc.

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