Dog-Friendly Cabin With Private Hot Tub, Fenced Yard, And Gorgeous Location!

Head to the mountains and stay in a lovely log cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The best part is, if you have dogs, you can bring them along with you. So you and your whole family will enjoy a vacation together. The cabin is located on Lake Blue Ridge, which provides easy access to the Aska Adventure Area where you walk through the forests on hiking trails and check out some beautiful waterfalls along the way. If you or your loved one fishes, you can even enjoy some of the best fishing in the country on the lake. The area surrounding the log cabin is also very enjoyable and perfect for relaxing outside without having to go too far. The log cabin features a total of two bedrooms and two bathrooms to accommodate up to four people at a time which would make it perfect for a small family or two couples. There’s even an awesome private hot tub to soak in at the end or the start of the day and a wood-burning fireplace to create a lovely ambiance inside. They also provide WiFi and cable on the flatscreen TV for additional entertainment. There’s also the deck with a grill and a fully equipped kitchen that has everything needed to cook up a great meal.

Inside, the cabin is all wood, which makes it feel so nice and cozy. The high ceilings open the space up a lot too, so it doesn’t feel too confined. The exposed beams are a really nice feature that shows off just how beautiful wood can be, even the structural components of it. One of the nice things about this floor plan is that all of the rooms in the living space are open to each other. So the kitchen, living room and dining room all share a common space which is so nice for family vacations. It allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones when you can all be together in the same space. There are also laundry units in the log cabin for longer stays when you need a fresh change of clothes. One of the bathrooms in the log cabin has a bathtub while the other has a shower and both are brand new and tiled beautifully. Staying at this log cabin would feel like a luxurious oasis. There is something special about staying in that log cabin on the top of a mountain. Not only are the views from a mountain wood cabin amazing, but you are also in the ideal place to sit back, relax and get in touch with yourself and with nature. There are more benefits to staying in a wood cabin that goes beyond the great views.

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