Cozy And Cute, Take A Look Inside, Could You Live In This Little Log Cabin?

This might be one of the most adorable log cabins you have ever seen. This Log Cabin Is Made of Native Pine Logs That Were Hand-Peeled by a company called Schreinerei Amberg. The company is located in Alzenau, Michelbach in Germany, so would be perfect for people living in the country or in neighbouring countries in Europe. They build all of their log houses out of high quality wood which the client gets to choose themselves. The client chooses the home’s floor plans, the type of wood and the little details that are added in along the way.

The company also makes log and wooden furniture which is beautiful and looks great in any style of decor. You can see one of their tables in a very contemporarily styled kitchen, and some of their furniture in the little rustic cabin they built here in the photo. The small log cabins like this one can be used as a sauna, or as a backyard sanctuary or lounging space. Many people build these little units as an extra space for guests, or as a little garden room to enjoy reading and creating art in. There are so many uses for these small log cabins, so the sky is the limit with the potential for these units.

As you can see, the logs are all hand peeled. Hand peeling logs is quite a tough job, to hand peel the logs, the craftsmen will use a drawknife, which has a very sharp and thin edge. The blade is connected to two wooden handles that are held in both hands which are used to basically scrape the bark and the hard outer layer from the log with nice, long strokes. They will scrape the logs clean from all of the bark until they are nice and smooth on the surface. Once all of the bark is removed, they will also take a chainsaw and remove any of the knots that are protruding out of the log so that the entire surface is clean. A nice, sharp drawknife is the key to easy log peeling, as well as having a good, strong posture and stance. It really gives your whole body a good work out, so it’s important that the craftsmen are in good shape for this job. Manufactured log homes will usually have the logs peeled by a machine, which takes some of the physical labour out of the job, but the hand peeled logs definitely have that rustic log cabin look to them.

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The craftsmen then measure out the logs and start to build up the walls by notching the bottoms of the logs to fit perfectly onto the top of the log beneath it. They do this by scribing the logs which consist of propping the log up above the lower log, levelling the log and then using a divider which looks like a large drawing compass with an indelible pencil to mark the log. The divider has levels on it too, which make it easier to keep things nice and uniform. It’s very important that the craftsmen get this part right, so double checking is essential. Once everything is lined up and levelled, the divider is run along both logs with the top log being marked to be cut. The corner notches are also made in this way. The craftsmen get quite quick at scribing the logs which can be really impressive. The cut needs to be nice and straight so that the logs fit together perfectly for insulation purposes. Have a look at some of these lovely handcrafted log houses and log furniture pieces from Schreinerei Amberg.

This Story was Inspired By: Schreinerei Amberg