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Photo Credit: Green Garden Chicken

On a budget? PRICING UPDATE NOTE – the pricing of these cabins has increased so that the Basic Model of a 14 x 28 is now starting at 20,600, not 16,800 as the title says. Unfortunately we cannot change the title without breaking the link to this article in many places. For the various pricing of different models, please see the link below to Green Garden Chicken. For the premium model, the 14 foot by 28 foot basic model, you get one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room and kitchen area. The basic model log houses from Green Garden Chicken come with all of the windows and doors in the floor plans and all of the insulation for the exterior walls and roof. The nice thing is, all of these small log homes are built by professional Amish cabin builders who can pre-build the log houses and deliver them to a property, or, bring out all of the supplies and built the home or cabin right on your property. The first option of having the cabin prebuilt is favourable since it’s done inside, in a controlled environment which means the weather will not affect the building process. So many times with outdoor construction processes things get stalled because of horrible weather conditions. Whether it’s raining or snowing or just too cold out, so many things can go wrong. Having the small log homes built in a warehouse setting ensures the cabin builders will be able to work on the cabin building process every day and that means you get your little home or cabin sooner.

Small log homes like this one are great for using as a vacation home out at the lake, or maybe tucked away in a forest somewhere. This particular cabin would provide plenty of space to a small family for summer vacations and perhaps for winter vacations too. The log houses you see here are built by Amish craftsmen who build their cabins to the highest quality and standard. They use Structurally Insulated Panels for the insulation which ensures the cabin will stay nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There’s nothing worse than having to run a fan or a heater all the time, using up valuable energy when a well insulated home can solve a lot of common issues. Another problem that can arise when a home isn’t insulated properly is mold and mildew problems. As you may have heard, mold, especially black mold can have severe health effects that cause illness and breathing problems. The logs are on the exterior of the home and the interior walls are made of pine siding with the SIPs sandwiched in between. Looking at these log houses you wouldn’t even know that there was even any SIPs involved.

When you’re looking to build a log house or cabin, a few things to keep in mind are to keep the design simple, keep it realistic, and stay in your budget. These small log homes make it possible to check all of these boxes and they just look so warm and inviting. You can change the plans when you order your own log home or cabin and you can increase the size of your log home all the way up to 14 feet by 44 feet in size. Adding a porch onto the log house for an additional cost adds more space to the home or cottage and will be well worth the extra money invested. Looking at where you’re going to place your home or cabin might be one of the most important steps of the process.

For this Mother In Law Cabin style, there are 10 different price points depending on the size if and you choose their basic or premium model. You want to spend some time watching where the sun shines most on your land, and which areas of the home you want to be the brightest. It’s nice to have bedrooms facing East so you get the morning sun, and the living room and kitchen usually gets the West direction of the setting sun. You also want to consider your views too. Enjoy looking at the small log homes from Green Garden Chicken.***