A Stacked Container Home With A Rooftop Patio

The Helm is a beautiful container home by Cargo Home located in Waco, Texas, United States and is available to rent through Airbnb. Waco is an awesome neighbourhood just 5 minutes from I-35 and 3 minutes from Homestead Cafe and Craft Village. This container home is also only 8 minutes from the airport in Waco too. So if you’ve ever been interested in what it might be like to stay the night in a shipping container and want to travel to Texas, this might be your best opportunity. This shipping container house stacks two steel containers to create even more living space. These days, as people are looking for alternative housing solutions all sorts of different items are being used to create houses and these steel shipping containers are one of them. One of the best advantages of using these recycled shipping containers for home building is that you can piece them together in a modular fashion creating any type of design you like.

They are easy enough to stack on top of each other to create more levels to a home, or they can be placed on the ground for a single level house. Texas-based company CargoHome creates many beautiful and interesting homes out of these cargo containers that were once used to haul goods from place to place. Once the containers have reached the end of their life, they usually get replaced by newer cargo containers leaving the old ones to rust and deteriorate. Now, with this new wave of innovation, companies like Cargo Home are creating beautiful homes out of these containers including the Helm which is a lovely two-story container home. It’s made out of a 20-foot shipping container that was stacked on top of a 40-foot container with enough space for a rooftop terrace. To make it look more like a livable home, they clad the exterior of the finished home with some durable cedar siding. They also left some spaces between the slats of wood to show off the original metal surface of the container. They replaced the metal doors with full glass doors which let a lot of great light into the space. The interior floor plan is narrow because it has to fit in the long and narrow space within the shipping container.

They did a great job of fitting a larger sofa with a shelf holding lots of storage in front of it. A kitchenette is right beside the living area and has a sink, Keurig, and a toaster oven. The countertops are made out of a beautiful piece of wood slab that’s been epoxied to give it a nice shiny gloss. There is also plenty of shelving on the walls in the kitchen so all of the dishes and glassware can be stored. They also fit a small dining table in the home that can seat four people. The bathroom holds a shower, a flush toilet and a nice vanity with a mirror above and lots of storage throughout. There is one bedroom on the main floor with a full sized bed in it and then another bedroom on the upper floor which is accessed by the outdoor spiral staircase. The bedroom up there opens up to the terrace which would be the perfect place to enjoy nice warm evenings outside. This is such an inspiring design and can be built through Cargo Home for $71,000 and up. Or you could try your hand at building your own cargo home thanks to all of the tutorials out there from people who have done it before. The Helm can be rented out for around $162 and up so you can stay in it and see if you like cargo home living enough to want your very own.