A Classic American Cottage With Fresh Interiors

This charming cottage was given new life with a makeover that helped it reach its full potential. The former gardener’s cottage built in 1890 is located in Redlands, California and has 970 square feet of space. The tiny home was originally the gardener’s residence on a large estate and had long since gone unoccupied. The former gardener’s cottage was unlivable, and when Janet Kroff purchased the cottage, she could see the potential despite the tiny home’s neglected state, and couldn’t resist the roses that enveloped the house. As soon as the sold sign for the cottage was taken down, the Korffs began to work on the small home. First, they painted the walls and ceilings a clean, crisp white. Then, they refinished the original flooring of the tiny home one-board-at-a time. The result is a lovely, cozy home that is filled with personal treasures and thrifty finds.

It took them six weeks of working around the clock, but when they moved in, they say it felt so good to have done every bit of the work themselves, except for some electrical work. Inside the tiny cottage, you can see how they maximized the light with mirrors. You’ll find a reflective trio of mirrors, two gilded, and one faux bronze that helps to increase the space’s natural light. Glass accents, help to make the space feel open and airy, with vases on the writing desk and cloches on top of the china hutch. Everything in the cottage is used with the motto of prioritizes every day over someday. Thoughtful pops of color are used throughout with greenery, wicker baskets, and a rich-hued mat that prevent the sink and shelving area from feeling too white.

Beadboard panelling and open shelving make the utilitarian space pretty. Wicker bins and clear canisters keep everything in plain sight. An oil painting, chandelier, and floor-length draperies are used in the kitchen to match the 100 square foot space with the rest of the home. Janet chose to dress up the 100-square-foot space in a way that feels in keeping with the rest of the tiny home. Most of the items you will find in the tiny cottage are rich with sentimental value. One example is the landscape found above the stove, which is a vintage painting of Yosemite. The landscape comes from the owner’s son, Alex, an antique dealer. The owners spend a lot of time outdoors and do a lot of hiking, so they collect landscapes.

You’ll also find vibrant navy walls, that are covered with carefully chosen treasures, to help warm the home office. The Korffs stumbled upon a pair of antlers during a hike, and they are secured together on the wall with a bit of twine. Janet’s thrifty finds are on display throughout the tiny cottage, a bedside table she found for $1 and one of the chandeliers found for $10 at a garage sale. The couple replaced the bathroom door with a toile curtain to help improve traffic flow in the small space. Janet also created a gallery wall in the bedroom.

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