550 Square Foot Prefab Cottage That Feels Bigger Inside Then It Looks

There is a surge in the prefab housing market with a variety of options to choose. The TimberCab is just one of the prefab home designs that you will find, in a prefab home that features a Douglas Fir timber frame and structural insulated panels (SIPs). Some of the key features in this prefab home design include Timberframe design, SIPs, windows with fir frames and exterior aluminum cladding and universal design. These prefab homes are eco-friendly and are great for use as accessory dwelling units. These modern and eco-friendly prefab home designs are an excellent option when you need some extra space, whether it be for a studio, weekend retreat, backyard office and more.

All the timber that is used in this prefab kit is top quality and can be delivered right to the building site you want the prefab home, guest house, studio, or cottage built on and then put together by a contractor. It’s that easy.

That’s part of the beauty of prefab home designs, most of the work is done for you, and because they are built indoors, you don’t have to deal with lengthy weather delays. There are a variety of sizes and prefab floor plans you can choose from, ranging in price, with something to suit most any budget. These prefab designs are open concept and very contemporary looking, but they also have a natural feel, with all the natural wood. There are high ceilings, and the windows are very large to help maximize the light coming into the home.

These prefab timber frame designs and wall/roof panels are precut with state of the art technology and then labeled for an easy and efficient build at the building site by a licensed contractor. These prefab home designs can ship to most building sites due to the flexibility of the home packages.FabCab uses sustainable practices that make these prefab home designs an eco-friendly housing option.