381 Sq.Ft Do-It-Yourself Tiny Log House kit Polynesia, Free Delivery! $25,600

October SALE -$1000, $25,600.00, (regular price $26,600.00)
DIY kit, easy to assemble, takes 2 people a two days. No special skills needed. All necessary instructions and specifications are included.

Polynesia is a classic tiny house structure with a modern design plan. Enjoy three interior rooms, separated by doors as well as a loft area and spacious terrace covered in part by a canopy. This beautifully designed DIY cabin kit functions ideally as a tiny house, offering privacy, simplicity and functionality. Use the loft as a sleeping alcove or storage niche. Decorate the main level according to your personal taste. Polynesia will add value to any property with its quality craftsmanship and appealing features. For more : jaan.vendla