25 Plans to Build Your Own Fully Customized Tiny House on a Budget

9. Alice

Alice tiny house plansLike many of the other designs on Pin-Up Houses, “Alice” features a large window which takes up an entire wall, providing a lovely view and plenty of natural light. The other feature of this home which is really appealing is the spacious loft, which looks like such a cozy and comfortable spot to work or relax!


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/alice/

10. Sharon

Sharon tiny house plansHere is one of the most unique tiny houses which Pin-Up Houses offers—a little houseboat which you can build all on your own! This floating home has a wide porch where you can dine, sunbathe or just relax, and a spacious indoor living area with a cozy loft for sleeping.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/sharon/


The “Cottages” category on Pin-Up Houses contains a couple of the designs you have already seen (Magdalene and Ginger) along with several other beautiful and cozy tiny houses.

11. Christie

Christie tiny cottage plansThis cottage was built with a panoramic window which offers a beautiful view of the outside world; it would be ideal for a lakeside or the seaside. The living room is spacious enough to allow for a large sofa, and a ladder leads up to the loft where you can sleep. A small fireplace keeps you warm during the chilly winter months.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cottage/christie/

12. Sofia

Sofia tiny cottage plansThis rustic cottage is the largest tiny house currently offered by Pin-Up Houses; the gambled roof is evocative of the architectural styles of Northeastern USA and Canada and offers extra loft space.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cottage/sofia/

13. Jane

Jane tiny cottage plansThis rustic cottage includes two ground floor rooms as well as a loft which works great for a bedroom. The porch offers a shaded, sheltered spot to enjoy the outdoors.


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/cottage/jane/