25 Plans to Build Your Own Fully Customized Tiny House on a Budget

2. Ginger

Ginger tiny house plansThis cabin has a cozy look and feel, but it also has plenty of room inside; a small family could easily live here comfortably. While the attic features classic proportions, it is scaled so that you can stand up inside, making it a functional room. Meanwhile, the covered deck offers the perfect spot to relax outside and enjoy some fresh air and the beauty of nature.

Plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/ginger/

3. Alexis

Alexis tiny house plansThis A-frame tiny house features a design with a gabled roof which unites the best of contemporary and traditional styles. The interior offers a spacious living area and a loft for sleeping. The front of the structure is all windows so that you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/alexis/

4. Barbara

Barbara tiny house plansThis house may look diminutive from the outside, but it has space for three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, making it ideal for a family of four!


Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/barbara/

5. Susan

Susan tiny house plansThe design of this charming tiny house is evocative of a houseboat. The diagonally angled legs form the framework for the overall structure. The interior includes furniture which can serve multiple purposes (such as a bed which can also be used as a sofa while providing additional storage space). The porch provides a relaxing spot to sit outside and enjoy your surroundings.

Buy the plans: http://www.pinuphouses.com/plans/tiny-house/susan/