$15,400 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Timbertrail Log Home

The Timbertrail log house package is a cozy cabin from the Recreation Series of home kits from Coventry Log Homes. This simple floor plan features one bedroom and a bath, along with a front covered porch for time outdoors. The Timbertrail log cabin will sleep up to six people comfortably in its one bedroom and loft design. You can also choose to buy Coventry Log Homes rustic log beds and bunk beds that can be purchased in addition to the log house package. This prefab log cabin home could easily be built in three or four weekends by a few friends. The Recreational Series of log house packages meet all of the recreational use compliancy with their convenient four by eight logs in affordable prices. For the Timbertrail log house package, prices start at $15,400 for the pre-cut log package and $23,800 for the complete four by eight package. On the first floor of the log house, there is one bedroom, a bath, a living room and a covered porch. Upstairs there is a loft that opens up to below to be used for additional sleeping space or storage. You could also opt to add a one, two, or three car garage to this charming log house package.

A log home kit is an excellent way to get the vacation home you want at an affordable price. Log house packages do a majority of the work for you, and you know in advance exactly what you are getting. With that said, you will need to have a log home building site for your log home kit to go. Property prices will vary depending on the location you are hoping to build, with Oceanside, lakefront, and mountainside properties being the most expensive. Log house locations that are a bit more remote and away from the larger city centers can be more reasonably priced, and often can be a lot quieter and relaxed. The location you will choose will depend a lot on your budget, and the type of activities and places you enjoy. A log house built in a location that you love is sure to inspire you to get out and enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, boating, swimming, skiing, cycling and so much more.

The Timbertrail log house package is just one of the log house kits you will find with Coventry Log Homes. The best part about log home kits is that a lot of the work has already been done for you. Your log home kit is delivered to the building location with most of the building materials that you need. In your log house package, you will receive the sub-floor, the pre-cut log walls, the doors, all of the windows, the complete roofing system, the interior log home framing, and all of the tongue and groove pine needed to finish the log cabin. Also included in the four by eight complete package are the interior doors, locksets, the hardware, the complete loft system, and more. The porch beams and log railings are also included in the log house package and design. For this cabin kit, you will also receive the clear white cedar shingle siding ready for painting the color of your choice. Some of the building materials that are not included in your log house package are things like the plumbing and the heating materials, foundation, the basement support post, and any masonry items needed. Along with the electrical materials, the kitchen countertops or cabinets, the finish flooring, any stains or finishes, the roof insulation, nails, and miscellaneous items, such as flashing and vents. **