Zombie-Proof Cottage With A 10-Year Anti-Zombie Guarantee

This Zombie Proof Cabin might just be the unique small house plan yet. This small cottage home is the world’s first and only certified Zombie Proof log cabin, and for people who think the zombie apocalypse is coming, they can feel rest assured. This Zombie home design is a dream come true for people who are anticipated this sort of thing, and it doesn’t get much better than this cabin building with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee. That’s a pretty serious guarantee to offer, and the Zombie Fortification Cabin ZFC-1 offers it because this cabin building is that good. The price of this Zombie Proof cabin building is about $90,000USD. One look inside of this Zombie Fortification cabin building and you might just be inspired to build a Zombie Proof cabin of your own.

The Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) is a wood cabin kit by Tiger Log Cabins. The cabin building is designed with the walking dead in mind. The cabin structure comprises of three buildings. The three cabin buildings are independent of each other with two lockable doors that secure each building. Overall, the wood cabin kit has an upper deck with a 360-degree vantage point plus an escape hatch, re-enforced slit windows, walls and doors, barbed wire surround, and arsenal storage unit for weaponry. Of course, you can go on living normally inside this log cabin kit because it also has a garden section to grow vegetables, toilet system, kitchen area with microwave, and living area with television, Xbox and sound system turntables. Who says you can’t have some fun while there is a zombie apocalypse happening outside? Add-ons are available for this Zombie proof cabin building to include Zombie Cabin Installation for about $17,000, a big bear water cannon, searchlights and security cameras. This Zombie proof has it all, you its nicely done so you can feel comfortable is an apocalypse should occur.