Would You Pay $99K for This 100-Year-Old House? (I Know I Would.)

Home sweet home, its the place we all start out, and something that is necessary for our human survival. Check out this Bremen Cottage from Tiny House Swoon, an adorable tiny home on a lovely little plot of land. Houses like this one have been being built for a very long time, in fact this very one in Maine, was built in the year 1900. So this house is over 100 years old now and it is still standing. A house that can stand that long was probably built really well and was taken care of very well over the course of the last 100 years. The cottage was also up for sale recently on Tiny House Listings, a one stop shop to find all of the tiny houses available for sale in North America. You can search for tiny houses on wheels and stationary tiny houses on this website that are in your area, or an area you would consider living in or you can pick up a tiny house on wheels near by you.

The Bremen cottage is just as cozy and comfortable as you would expect a cottage to be. This home is very simple, yet it has more then enough space to house a single person, a couple or a family. With 2 bedrooms that would be more than enough space to have at least one child, if not two children in the space. The house was listed for $99, 000 US, which some people in the comments were arguing was way too high for a house that size. But as we can see, it has found a happy owner! The house in Bremen, Maine, sits on one whole acre of land which is more than enough space to spread out. Did you know you can even start a little homestead on just one acre? You can plant all of your fruits and vegetables and even have some livestock if you wanted. The whole homesteading lifestyle is coming back after all.

The house is a cute two story high, 500 square foot cottage like home. Stepping inside, it really seems larger then 500 square feet! The living room and dining room have an super large, open concept flow, that really makes this space feel huge. The floors are tiled throughout the two rooms, and into the kitchen. This tile would look good in a kitchen, but maybe the tile in the living room and dining room would look better as a hard wood style floor. This would just make the rooms feel a little bit warmer, and not so cold as they do with the stark, white tile. There is a great fire place in the dining room area, which is a nice feature to keep the place warm in the colder months. The kitchen is not super larger, but it is not small either, it has a very efficient lay out that makes it look like it would work beautifully. The cabinets are solid wood, and they added in some stainless steel appliances as well. There is a door in the kitchen, which may lead down to a basement or crawl space, which is always nice for storage.

Up the stairs, you will see the two bedrooms, which are actually both a good size. The each have a nice large window in them to let in the light, which is nice, as well as some closet and storage space, but there is definitely enough room for a dresser or hutch in there as well. A home like this would make for a fabulous place to start up a Bed and Breakfast, think about how charming it would be! Or, it would of course, be a lovely place to call home for whoever bought it. The yard also has so much potential, I imagine lots of flower beds, a vegetable garden and maybe a gazebo and a pergola!


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