Woman Buys Old Greyhound Bus On EBay For $7k And Spends 3 Years Remodeling It Into A Chic Tiny Home

Tiny homes can be made out of pretty much anything these days. People make them out of campers, vans and even cube trucks. Busses are also commonly used to create tiny houses and for mobile living. That’s what Jessie Lipskin did with a 1966 Commuter Greyhound Bus. She took the classic bus body and created a lovely little mobile home within it. The Greyhound bus was also kept in good condition, which really helped a lot too. So the mechanicals were fairly easy to restore, and it runs like a dream now. Jessie invested over $125,000US into this mobile bus home completely renovating the interior with designs done by an architect. She also hired on professional craftsmen to do the interior carpentry and cabinetry in the bus home. She also made it eco-friendly and able to sleep up to 4 people. There’s also a full bathroom on board as well, which is great to have in any small space. The exterior of the cute vintage bus is done all in white, which looks really cool with the tinted windows and black accents. A pull-down staircase leads into the main door of the house, which is still the main original bus door.

The home is nice and bright inside with fresh white paint and linens making it feel light and airy. The entrance is the driver’s seat as well and provides an area for comfortable driving. Jessie can’t drive it herself because it’s stick shift, but she managed to get it around as needed. A door closes off the rest of the house from the driver’s seat. All of the floors are brand new hardwood, and the walls are also covered in wood that has been painted white, and the ceiling is done in a tongue and groove which has also been painted white. The white and all of the original windows creates some beautiful light within the home, making it feel more open and airy. The bathroom is also on the way into the home from the driver’s seat as well and has a sink, composting toilet and a shower stall in it. Out of the bathroom and into the living space, there is the kitchen area with great wooden countertops and cabinets. There’s also a sink, and an RV oven and stove that fits perfectly on one countertop and a small fridge is also installed under the counter as well. She also has a Panda spin washer that works great to wash minimal laundry and is very energy efficient.

The living room area is a cozy space and is connected to the kitchen, so she uses one of the countertops in the kitchen as workspace. There are also some great built-in seats in the living room all with storage inside, of course. At the back of the bus are two sleeping areas, one that has a full sized mattress in it and a full closet. There are a total of 3 full sized closets throughout the home, so there is plenty of space to store clothing and other items like linens. It’s super cozy in the main bedroom area where she sleeps, and she also added some lined curtains so the space doesn’t get too hot in the summertime and so she can sleep in if she wants to. She also has the back window used as a shelf for some of her books which works great. This is a great bus conversion that shows just what is possible to do with an old bus and a good budget. You can see all of the thought and effort that went into this mobile home, which makes it really special.