They Built This 1,255 Sq. Ft. High-Quality Log Home In Only 8 Days And The Result Is Fabulous!

Sitka Log Homes creates beautiful handcrafted log homes and cabins and this is just one of their designs that was featured at the Vancouver Home Show. Attendees to the home show were able to tour the log house and see the inside and outside of the home in person so they can get a better idea of what a log home would be like to live in or own. If you have never been to a home show of this size, it is a remarkable display of complete homes that are set up for the sole purpose of exposing companies products in a conveniently accessible environment. It is a very impressive event that draws hundreds of people every year. In fact, this particular show drew 100,000 people during the Winter Olympics when they were held in Vancouver.

The builders were able to completely finish the 1,255 square foot log house within the home show venue within only eight days, and while it was a challenge, they were able to do it very well. They also had to move everything out within only 2 days which they were also able to accomplish. The company behind this fabulous log home is Sitka Log Homes Inc. Sitka Log Homes is located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Well established and building log homes since 1969, the company with its superior well crafted products have shipped to Russia, Korea, and the USA, as well as providing quality log homes to Canadians. The log home featured here at the home show is 1200 square feet. Handcrafted from pine wood that was affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle, the home has the characteristic unique blue tinge. This type of wood is a great wood to use because it’s taking a natural material that otherwise might not be used for a project and putting it to good use. A great example of using reclaimed materials.