The Retreat Is A Super Sized Tiny House On Wheels That’s Great For A Family

The Retreat is one of the beautiful small house designs from Timbercraft Tiny Houses. They have some of the best tiny small house designs out there right now with many of their homes being on the larger side. New Atlas showcases The Retreat small house design which is 416 square feet, one of the largest tiny houses on wheels. Most tiny houses are around between 100 and 300 square feet total with the smaller sizes being easier to tow. The mobility will be a priority for those who want to move around in their tiny house or who want to travel with it. Some people choose small house living because they have to move a lot for their jobs, so it would be crucial to keep the size smaller in this case. The larger designs from Timbercraft Tiny Homes sometimes need to be built on gooseneck trailers which is what helps to give them more space within. With the larger models, you could also have a bedroom on the main floor too which is important to some. Their tiny houses are still built within the other highway regulations of 8.5 feet wide by 13.6 feet tall which means that they can be towed without a permit or a pilot vehicle.

Since the Retreat is a larger small house design, it would probably require a permit to tow it. You can hire a professional towing service to tow your tiny house on wheels so that it’s done safely and professionally. Hiring someone to tow your tiny house is especially important if it’s a larger one since they will get the right permits to tow it and they will tow it properly. For smaller tiny houses you are usually able to tow them behind a heavy-duty pickup truck. The Retreat is built on a gooseneck trailer, so there is a loft in the space that goes over the truck. Inside, this tiny house is just as luxurious as you’d expect. There is a full sized leather sofa right when you walk in and then an electric fireplace for heat and ambience. The kitchen is also quite impressive with a modern farmhouse sink, great countertops and cabinets as well as full-sized stainless steel appliances. They kept the decor and finishes mainly white, and you will notice this in many small house designs. This is to make the small house living space feel more open and airy while darker colours tend to make the space feel smaller.

They also added in french doors for the main doors which is always a great idea for tiny houses on wheels. The doors open up onto the patio which opens the interior of the home to the outdoors. If you’re planning your own small house design, always make sure that your outside doors swing outwards which will save you space inside your home. If the doors swing inwards, they will take up valuable space inside your home. This home also features lots of windows which are also a good idea to have in your small house. Not only are they great for light and views they are also good for proper ventilation which is needed in a tiny house. If you like this small house design and you’re interested in small house living check out more of Timbercraft Tiny Homes’ small house designs. They also have a few designs in their collection of models including The Denali, The Boxcar, and The Ynez. Each of the floor plans and designs are a bit different from each other which gives you options. You can also customize any of their tiny house plans to suit your needs.