The Christian Island Tree House Cottage In Ontario

Tree houses have always held a certain kind of whimsical meaning to them. Usually, they are used as clubhouses and playhouses for children, but who says they have to be reserved for childhood alone? Now that people are going beyond the limitations of conventional building and design, tree houses have been making appearances in home design. So many people are building cabins as well as full-time homes as tree houses. Now, a tree house doesn’t necessarily need to be built right up in a tree to be considered a tree house either. There are also homes that have been built on stilts that bring them up off of the ground as a tree house would be. Bringing a home up off of the ground also helps to maintain the ecosystem in the forest where the home is being built too which is also a great aspect of this style of home design. It brings a sense of playfulness to the design of a home bringing out the inner child of those who visit or live in the home.

The Christian Island Cottage tree house is an awesome tree house design that was designed by Carter Ai David Carter Architects located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The beautiful design of this tiny cottage uses plenty of wood to tie into its natural forested surroundings. The outdoor wooden patio is and wooden walkways complement the design, and the Christian Island tree house cottage has lots of windows to let in natural light. The forest location allows for uncluttered thinking in this peaceful and beautifully designed tree house.

It’s a great example of what location can do for a design, in this particular tiny house design the location is a forest, that changes with the seasons. In winter the trees will be leafless and better show the landscape, while in the spring you will see the new buds on the tree, in the summer you will have fresh green foliage and the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, and of course the fall shows lots of color. The landscape itself is a bit like a piece of art always changing and growing. This natural location allows for a peaceful feeling and experience with the outdoor sitting and patio areas allowing you to enjoy the natural landscape and the use of wood and natural materials in the design of the Christian Island tiny cottage complementing its location.

Carter Ai David Carter Architects is a firm that can take care of all your design needs from commercial, historic, industrial, institutional, residential and more. This architectural firm has designed data centres, library renovations, hospitals, kids clinic, heating plant, lofts, college campus, steam plant and more. The design of an excellent building or a memorable space is informed and enriched by its context. A truly successful project is connected to site and community and to the larger fabric of its making. Delivering the project requires innovative thinking, design and, attention to detail. This tree house cottage is just one of their many innovative and out of the box home designs that you can get some inspiration from.