Take A Video Tour Of The Cumberland Log Cabin

There are many reasons you might consider buying a custom log home or a log home package. You might be looking for a place to get away and spend holidays and weekends, or maybe you want a log home to live in full time. This great log home package called the Cumberland is an amazing deal for the quality cabin you get. These log cabins are great for use at campgrounds, or for people who want to have a vacation property.

The Cumberland cabins also have a nice rustic design that is appealing and cozy to most people. Other benefits of these log cabin packages for sale are that they are made durable and long-lasting, they are even said to last a lifetime. Cabin packages are available in simple and practical designs and can be more affordable than other custom built log cabins.

The Deluxe Cumberland log cabin is one of Amish Made Cabins’ most popular models for a recreational cabins. But people also buy them to use as an in-law suite, a guest house and as home offices. The Cumberland comes in size of 14 feet by 28 feet up to 14 feet by 40 feet. This style cabin has an inset center porch which would be a great shady place to relax in the hot summer months. There are also 2 reverse gables that make for more space in the 2 lofts within the cabin.

The cabins can also be modified to only have one loft or no lofts at all if the customer wants higher ceilings throughout the cabin. Included in the kitchen there are upper and lower cabinets, a sink and space for major appliances. There is also a nice closet in the bedroom and in the bathroom there is a shower, sink and toilet. Although, the plumbing is not included nor available through the company but there is a 200 amp electric package which includes wiring, fixtures, smoke alarms, a breaker box and a ceiling fan, but the customer has to have electricity set up on their building site.

Like all Deluxe cabin models it’s well insulated with our hybrid wall system using reflective foam insulation. The tongue and groove pine interior wall should have at least 1 coat of polyurethane applied within 4-5 months upon receiving your cabin to protect the wood from stains and darkening over time. This is an available option. The cabin packages from Amish Made Cabins come in different sizes and they have various models and types of pre-built log cabin packages available. You will find log cabin packages that start as one-room log cabin packages that are a larger size. If you need more space in your log cabin larger or custom built log cabins are available. For a weekend vacation log cabin package, you could find a log cabin with a living space, full bathroom, full kitchen and dining area. This style of log cabin may also come with a loft option which gives you more sleeping room or room for storage.

The nice thing about these log cabin packages is that all the work has been done for you, so there are no surprises, you know exactly what you are getting. Each of their packages has all of the materials necessary for creating the model of cabin you choose which makes it easy to assemble.

Most people will hire a contractor to build the larger log cabin models, but with some of the smaller log cabins, you can actually build them yourself with some help from others.

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