Supreme Log Cabin Series Starting from $26,579

Are you looking for affordable small log cabins? Wayside Lawn Structures has you covered with their great affordable log cabins. Plus, they also offer 2 – 4 year financing on all of their cabins and customers can build their own log cabins which can save loads on labour costs. For those who prefer to have their log cabin built for them, the builders at Wayside can build it for you too for an extra service fee. These cabins are so versatile, and they range in size and price, so it’s easy to find a unit that suits your needs. The standard features of every Wayside cabin include shingles, a steel roof, Perma-Chink staining, tongue and groove floors and a loft inside. There are also a bunch of different features that can be added onto the standard package. For example, you can add on another loft; a screened in porch or two, insulated floors and roofing, timber-framed gables, extra windows, railings and seamless gutters. They also offer choices for the stain colour available in light to darker colours. The darker coloured stains are great for protecting your log cabin from harmful UV rays, so it looks great for years to come. Of course, stain must be re-applied every 2 to 5 years depending on the wear and tear on your cabin’s logs. So you can either do the work yourself or hire a log cabin maintenance crew to do it for you.

When it comes to their Supreme Log Cabin Series, these are cabins that have more than enough space to spread out and relax when on vacation. The main living area is nice and open with a great galley style kitchen with cabinets and countertops built-in. All you would have to do is add some appliances, and you’d be good to go. The standard cabin comes with 18 rows of 4×6 logs with a steel roof; they also include the 2-inch thick floor, 4×6 rafters, 4×10 ridge beam, 2-inch sheathing and a loft above the porch or a loft within the home. The log cabins also include a sweet porch on the front of the home which is covered from the rain and sun so you’ll have a relaxing space to sit and watch the world go by. Hang some plants from the awning or place plants on the log rails to create a beautiful space of your own. These log cabins can be customized to suit your needs as well, just contact the company for any changes that need to be made to your log cabin kit.

Wayside Lawn Structures offers some of the best log cabins and structures on the market. They’re based in Columbiana, Ohio and have been in business since 2002 selling cabins to people in the Tri-State area. They began their business with a small corner lot and grew that into their larger yard where they construct all of their log cabins and structures. They also build playsets, sheds, storage units, gazebos, furniture, pergolas, decks and fences so you can get all of your home and garden structures built by one company. If you have an idea of the type of log cabin or structure you’d like to build, you can call them up and see about getting a quote so you can begin planning out your log cabin. If you just need a small log cabin, the Hunter Log Cabins might work great, but if you need something a little larger, the Supreme log cabins will definitely suit your needs and your budget. Have a look at all of their options and see which one stands out the most to you.