So Close To The Lake You Could Almost Fish From The Balcony Of This Log Home

This is a log cabin that gets everything right. From its log cabin design to its stunning, scenic location, and interior space that you can’t stop looking at for all the great details. This log cabin has scenic views of trout-rich Henry Lake, and protective pine-topped foothills make this log cabin a great site to use as a fishing retreat.

The log cabin is located on Henry Lake, located in the between the Montana, Idaho and Wyoming borders. The log cabin is not built out of logs at all, but it’s actually made of cement. Craig and Joan Brewerton chose to build their log cabin, or rather cement cabin with Everlogs, the concrete composite system. They chose the log build because of its durability and low maintenance. They like the idea of building a log home that they wouldn’t have always to be working on and maintaining. The stunning home has the same look as that of log homes. Inside the log cabin, the couple merged their love of folk art and art, along with their love for fishing. You will find trout sconces hanging in the family room, along with a cutout fish railing in the loft. The couple has what they call the gate guards who mindfully watch over the family room. One a 12-foot totem pole that sits on one end of the room and then Melvin the flying moose head that hangs on the wall on the other end. The moose head got his nickname when he was being transported from British Columbia in a box that flew out of the truck.

There are also other special and unique pieces of furniture in the log cabin to include six funky leather chairs that are placed in different spots from the family room, loft and a bedroom. A friend of Craigs was selling the chairs from his cigar store; he asked if he could buy some of the old ones. The chairs are nice and comfortable and already broken in. Inside there is a galley-style kitchen that is the heart of the log cabin, it sits under the loft in the family/entertaining room. The custom-built cabinets in the log cabin were painted to match the millwork throughout the room. The color of the cabinets is unique and looks quite appealing with the wood.

Dering Hall Architects design and created the floor plans and design for this cement log home and they also design plenty of other incredible homes including other log homes. They also sell different home decor and accessories that people can use to decorate their homes with. Usually a log home will be decorated in a country home style with rustic wood furniture or log furniture. But they can also be decorated in a more modern style as well as you see in these designs. It’s very interesting to see a log home that’s not built out of wood but cement logs for a completely different design and affect. Which do you prefer, regular log homes or this innovative design?