Smart Storage Ideas And High End Finishes Make This Tiny House A Winner

The Hiatus House is just one of the tiny SMART homes from Tiny Smart House. Tiny SMART Houses are available in lengths from 16 feet to 44 feet. The standard trailer width is 8 feet to 8feet 6 inches, with 10 foot to 12-foot widths available. The Hiatus House is a tiny house designed by Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes for their cottage tiny house community in Bend, Oregon. Tiny SMART House was hired to build the tiny houses for this development, and are proud to announce that the tiny house model home is officially complete. The Hiatus tiny house design looks good inside and out. With wood on the exterior and white walls and ceilings inside, this tiny house design has plenty of features to love.

Tiny SMART House is a custom small house builder located in Albany, Oregon. One of this tiny house company’s goals is to help facilitate people to go tiny in a way that works best for them, so they are a fully licensed and certified tiny house builder to build RV travel trailers, residential homes, park models, prefab homes and accessory dwelling units also known as ADUs. They are also proud to offer a variety of services, also, to fully finished tiny house designs depending on their clients’ needs, to include the tiny house plans alone, tiny house design services, or a partially finished small house such as a tiny house shell. They can help you make your tiny house dreams come true.

Throughout his years in home construction, Nathan Light Watson witnessed and worked on several super-sized homes that many people have been taught to view as the American Dream. Watson had always preferred a simpler way of living and was troubled by the nearly unachievable and largely unsatisfying way of life. It turned out that his goals, priorities and values varied greatly from most of the professionals who worked in the construction industry. Rather than building a 4,000 square foot luxury home, he wanted to spend his days pursuing his true passion which was to help others live happily, debt free and responsibly. When he learned about small house living, he never looked back. The Tiny SMART House was founded in 2012, and today Watson is the sole owner, President and CEO of the company.

Tiny house designs are meaningful to a variety of people, for several different reasons. For some, small house living is all about simplifying life, reducing expenses, and living without the burden of debt. For others, it’s all about reducing your environmental footprint and living with healthy, active habits. Most clients also love the idea of being able to design and move into a new home design that is completely suited to their needs and lifestyle, rather than a home that has been built for mass appeal and resale value. They recommend starting the tiny house design process with them about nine to twelve months before your anticipated move-in date. That way they can put you on their schedule for their next tiny house build, leaving enough time for tiny house design and revisions, framing and finishing your Tiny SMART House.